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Too much fracking focus

August 15, 2012 - Re: "Activists want to save Bay Court Park," July 4, I spoke w the USGS and the MDEQ about this. There are two possible beds that this could be in regard to, the most shallow of which is 14000 + feet deep, the other 2000+.

Not that this matters. What does matter is that all they've done at this point is purchase the mineral rights.

There is very little known about the productivity of either of the beds in consideration and much exploration would need to be done to even determine if there is economic feasibility to pursue this.

My point is, that I am very pro environment. Fracking is a very emotional issue in Michigan right now. It is not the biggest environmental issue facing the state however by far. And in this case, it is really a non issue. To say fracking in BayCourt park is years off if ever is understating it.

To protect the environment, we as citizens, and politicians as well, need to investigate what the risks are and go with priorities. Its nice that there is concern, but, the focus for this should be on the investigative process. Banning fracking won't impede the investigation hint hint.

I don't want to dissuade those interested in environmental issues from becoming active, quite the contrary; your energy is needed.

However, there are issues and activities and movements locally that are much more imminent. Stormwater and invasive species are the two most pressing I know of where individuals would be able to make a big difference.

They can install native plant gardens, participate in a watershed activity, or create a monarch waystation, for instance. These can all have immediate positive affects.

Again, don't want to deter anyone from being green, but I do want to inject a dose of reality into the equation.

Tammie Heazlit

Independence Township

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