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Cooper's Comments A column by Krysten Cooper

Farewell, Clarkston!

August 29, 2012 - This is my last column, as I am heading back to the great white north! I have greatly enjoyed my time working for The Clarkston News and have a lot of new stories and experiences to take back to school with me.

Reporters all face similar challenges, no matter what paper they work for. Whether it's a daily, weekly, or even monthly, there are always missing details that have to be tracked down before deadline. One thing I have learned this summer is how alike The Clarkston News and The Michigan Tech Lode (my student newspaper) are. There are so many things I have learned here that I plan to apply to the paper at school.

Interviews for stories are always different, depending on the people and that is what makes news-writing fun. Sometimes you spend an entire morning sitting on a nice shady porch outside while you drink a nice beverage and talk to people, other times you only have 15 minutes with the interviewee to get everything you need.

Although that can present challenges, it is an amazing experience to, for a moment, be welcomed into the lives of all these different people. I learned a lot of new things this summer. I also got a glimpse into the passion that people have for organizations and causes they are involved in, and from where that passion springs. For that, I would like to thank the residents of Independence and Springfield for welcoming me with their enthusiasm in being interviewed.

During my time here, I have learned how important newspapers are to their local communities. The Clarkston News really exemplifies what a newspaper should be to their community. They don't try to stretch farther than they need to and cover what may seem like frivolous stories to big-time papers. However, those stories are the most important to the community. It's a really great thing that Clarkston has an outlet to make their stories heard.

Finally, a hearty thank-you to everyone at The Clarkston News! You made me feel so welcome, and were always willing to help me out when a story situation seemed hopeless. I'm going to miss working with you and the constant stream of knowledge about the newspaper industry with which you provided me.

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