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Letter to the editor

Rush for Food filled the shelves at Lighthouse

September 05, 2012 - Dear Editor,

Although most of the Clarkston Football Team will never know the feeling of going hungry, they hit the neighborhoods on Aug. 17 as if their next meal depended upon it.

The boys collected, delivered and sorted almost 6,500 pounds of food that was so very sorely needed at the Clarkston office of Lighthouse of Oakland County.

Our pantry shelves have been very empty the past month and are now once again filled with non-perishable foods. The Lighthouse Clarkston staff thanks all of the players, coaches, parents and donors for making this needed food drive a huge success.

We also thank the parents who took the monetary donations to purchase food at our local Kroger stores to round out our pantry needs.

The generosity of our community continues to shine on our agency when we need it the most!

Connie Stapleton

Lighthouse Clarkston

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