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Fireworks menace resident

September 26, 2012 - Dear Editor,

I find it hard to believe that on the front page of my copy of The Lake Orion Review that I received on Sept. 13, you are giving Michael Mahan, who claims that he is following the law, more free advertising after already reporting his previous appearance before the Orion Township Board Meeting.

I believe he is responsible for the death of my dog after the dog attacked my wife, causing me to take her to the emergency room, while she was giving him a vet prescribed tranquilizer on July 8. I had to put him down the following day.

Mahan shot off rockets at his place of business while she was giving him his pill in anticipation of the neighboring nightly fireworks that usually started within an hour and a half.

  She asked for my help as he was running around the deck. I came out and he thought he was protecting me when Mahan's business shot off fireworks from behind his retail shop.

This Akita was 10 years old, cost over $2,000 and was purchased by my spouse as a service dog after my first heart attack. He helped me through three additional heart attacks. He became my best friend.

As Mahan continues to break the new Orion Township ordinance as well as the state law; this week I am filing a citizen's complaint with our sheriff's office as I witnessed his flaunting both laws (state and Orion Township) at about 8 p.m. on Sept. 12, from across the street from his place of business in the Kmart parking lot. I also have Kmart employees that are witnesses, as he uses the back lot of the "store" for his flaunting.

One of our fine deputies had witnessed fireworks illegally being fired in my neighborhood in several locations this past Friday. However she was not able to pinpoint the violators while she drove around.  They have a very difficult task locating these law breakers even if they see and hear the fireworks as she did. They shoot off a couple and run and hide behind closed doors.

Your photo shows Mr. Mahan selling "Sleepless Night" fireworks that our state representatives have allowed him to sell without any input from their constituents.

Unfortunately only one of them is up for election in November (State House Representative Brad Jacobson). I hope he either brings up a review of the state law or loses his re-election. It has been my experience that "nerds" love fireworks, which Governor Snyder has proven by letting the Fireworks Association Lobby write the law he signed.

Thank you, township supervisor and the trustees that voted for the new ordinance with the thought of the citizens.  Mr. Steimel, you must really love your fireworks more than your duty to Orion Township citizens.

Sincerely, Dave Duenow

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