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Letters to the Editor

October 10, 2012 - Reader sickened by O.J. theories

Dear Editor,

I was nauseated after reading the article in this week's Clarkston News about the O.J. movie, and the up-coming debut and "fund-raiser."

I'm sure Mr. Pardo will enjoy his 15 minutes of fame, but to say that this is a movie that will tell the real story of O.J., and how racism plays a part in the justice system is an insult to your readers' intelligence. His conspiracy theories are laughable.

The real story of O.J. is that he's a thug who finally got what was coming to him, although hardly the justice that most Americans would have preferred that he receive. And who is going to be the recipient of the funds that might possibly, but I find it hard to believe, be raised by the movie? O.J.?

I certainly hope that the people who read your publication will disregard this "debut" and put their hard-earned money to better use. Perhaps a donation to a battered women's shelter, or orphaned children.

Margie Runyan

Independence Township

Pros and cons of Jim's Jottings

Dear Editor,

While reading Jim's Jottings ("2 Topics: Ballot props and Phyllis Diller," Oct. 3), I have to agree with him, our founding fathers in Michigan did a good job with our state constitution.

However, I disagree with Jim in regards to Proposal 2. Union members wouldn't request a constitutional amendment to protect our rights if the elected officials in Lansing weren't trying to take away what is rightfully ours, the right to collectively bargain. In short, "they started it."

I urge everyone to become educated on the six proposals you will be asked to vote on when you head to the polls Nov. 6. The ballot is huge, lines will be long, and you need to know ahead of time what your plans are.

I am a teacher in Oakland County, and I strongly urge you to vote "yes" on Proposal 2. Working conditions and continued education of teachers are both collectively bargained.

If Proposal 2 does not pass, there is nothing to stop a politician from arbitrarily decided what class sizes should be. If he or she thinks 50 students would be appropriate, that's what it will be.

A few years back at my kids' elementary school, the parents were up in arms about 5th grade class sizes. Just wait, people! If Lansing has its way, you won't be able to learn, let alone move, in a Michigan classroom.

Training and equipment used by the police officers who protect you and the firefighters who save your life are collectively bargained. Are you willing to sacrifice your health and well-being if the rights of public safety employees are taken away?

Do not believe the blatant lies you've seen on television about Proposal 2. In fact, contact the local media to urge them not to run ads that are full of misleading and more often than not, false information.

Proposal 2 does not allow criminals into schools, legalize strikes by unions, nor harm you in any way. Proposal 2 simply allows us to keep doing what we've been doing, collectively bargaining. If you enjoy 40 hour work weeks and weekends off, you probably have a union to thank for those benefits.

Union members are not asking for more. We simply want to retain the rights we currently have. Finally, please remember, a teacher's working conditions are your children's learning conditions!

Jill Leider

Indepedence Township

More on library tax, city birthday

Dear Editor,

The new District Library tax increase to the residents of the City of the Village of Clarkston will be 1.25 mills, not the .559 mills increase that township residents will pay if this is approved. The local tax millage in the city is now 13.1979 mills and the highest rate possible by city charter 1.25 mills of new taxes would be an increase of 9.47 percent to city residents for essentially the same services we have today.

Whether the City Council levees the full amount or not remains to be seen but if passed, they will control it, not the people. Historically the city has always established the local tax rate at the maximum amount possible and done so without any public hearing. This is a violation of state law if anyone cares about such things. I see no reason why they will not continue to do the same as they have in the past.

Contrary to another article, it is not the 180th birthday of the City of the Village of Clarkston as the city has only existed since 1992. As noted in your article, the village has only existed since 1884. This was a point of discussion when new signs were donated to the city in 2006 which simply say "Welcome to Clarkston."

If the Village of Clarkston residents are so proud and protective of their history, why do they keep trying to rewrite it?

Cory Johnston


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