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November 28, 2012 - In the wake of the 2012 election, I question what we are doing to our fellow human beings?

Is raising the most money for the long campaign expenses really necessary or justifiable?

What characteristics constitute a good man or woman, a good leader, a good negotiator, even a good politician?

Is the killer instinct a qualifier for leadership? We say we need to stop bullying; yet we teach bullying tactics by example and possibly interpreted as courage and strength.

It's been said "forgive them; they know not what they do." I've learned on my journey of relationships, first forgive self and then forgive another, even if they "know what they do." Forgiveness is the gift that keeps on giving.

Looking back more than 2000 years ago courage and strength was fought to the death, as the gladiators did. An arena filled with spectators cheering for the one who lived through the brutal battle.

Then came Jesus Christ, he was a humble human being, a good man, a man of courage because he dared to speak truth, he exemplified compassion, he loved all his fellow human beings, especially the perceived enemies and all life. His fortitude and ability to recruit followers threatened the emperors, leaders of the time and as history has it; he was accused, convicted, tortured, and crucified.

How far have we progressed from this form of bullying? What is power, what is character, what are values, what are human beings made of and capable of?

We are capable to be co-participants on this blessed earth; fully equipped to sustain life, not just for this century; many more countless centuries to come in the infinite time-less-ness.

Life as we know it is a gift, a borrowed gift to pass onto others in a shared respectful manner.

Love is all there is. All other methods are designed to keep love at bay, a commodity to be bought and sold; a form of marketing.

Love, just is; there is no dollar amount or gold attached to love. Yet, it is that and much, much more.

Love is taught and gifted upon us through inheritance and inherent labors of all humans and all life encompassing.

Maria Rotondo Mark lives in Independence Township

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