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Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Choices to consider

December 05, 2012 - Clarkston Junior High parents had a decision to make last weekend, whether to send their kids to school on Monday despite a bomb threat scrawled on a bathroom stall.

They knew the threat was almost certainly fake, a prank and/or a call for help.

There's almost no way a junior high student would have the ability or desire to do something like that. There was almost no possibility of a bomb going off.

Still, that "almost" is enough to cause some considerations when kids are involved.

Administration handled it well, by keeping classes in session after precautions including searches by bomb-sniffing dogs and bookbag check of all students. The kids weren't thrilled to have their items gone through, but they were calm and in reasonably good spirits.

I hope whoever is responsible is found, not for punishment, but to give them some help.

The counselors at the junior high look to be up to the job. They were there, digging through backpacks, putting their safety on the line for the sake of the kids in their care.

There was lots of interest in the topic on the News' Facebook page dozens of folks weighed in, many to praise administration for the precautions. Some expressed concerns information wasn't shared far enough, though. Junior high parents were emailed and called directly, and information was e-blasted through Clarkstoncalendar.org, but only those who subscribe to that service got that email.

What do you think? Should the information have been shared through direct emails and calls district wide, or is it better to keep the information contained just to the school involved?

Some think it should be, that it shouldn't even be in the newspaper that much to prevent copycats. I disagree with that one. People aren't protected by limiting information.

If the Mayans are right, this will be my last column, because the world is due to end. It almost certainly won't. Just in case, good luck to everyone in whatever new world the Mayans have in mind for us.

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