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December 12, 2012 - Ah, 'tis the season for giving and forgiving.

'Tis the giving season, and the gimme season.

Never in my extended lifetime have I been exposed to so many so-called charitable organizations. I heard the number of new organizations that were started on the East coast since Sandy blew in.

It's huge, but Scrooge that I can be, I'm sure some of the donations will get to help the needy, and a lot won't.

Someone pulled a list of charities off the internet for me. It was meant to point out the high salaries some of the top officers get, and how, in many cases, few of the donations reach the intended. Veterans' organizations like the VFW, American Legion, Disabled Vets, Order of Purple Hearts, pay zero salaries.

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• I've always looked forward to the annual Army vs. Navy football game. There's a mixture of patriotism, respect and pride brought out by the spectacle. The game itself is such a contrast from other collegiate football games. There are no celebrations after a score. No jumping, butt banging, no ball spiking, no dancing and mocking in the endzone after a score. They are like Barry Sanders used to be with the Detroit Lions . .Score, then hand the ball to the referee on your way off the field. Too, I saw no pigtails or flying long hair on the Army and Navy players.

• Having been diagnosed with arthritis a few weeks ago, I'm especially aware of comments thereof. Like barometer readings and weather fronts. I was told recently freezing fronts have the same pain-giving effect as rainy fronts. So now I can expand my complaining.

• Heard a new cause to support this week. PETR. People for the Equal Treatment of Rodents.

• Also heard another stupid poll. 98 percent of the people are in favor of rich people paying higher taxes.

DUH! My poll shows 100 percent are in favor of other people paying all the taxes.

• In Sweden the hatch on a Swedish church tower apparently was left open by mistake about 30 years ago. When workmen got around to cleaning out the mess, they faced about two tons of pigeon dropping piled up in the tower. The droppings were about 12 inch deep.

• The Brooklyn Lantern is being sold on the tube. It's a bulbous shape with a wire handle. My dad carried one like it at night on his rail road car checking job. Only his had a wick and flame. The new ones are battery operated, but said to be made with a "genuine" antique globe. If something is antique hasn't it got to be genuine?

• Going back to the Navy for a second. One of my aboard ship jobs was being posted outside our Captain's quarters at night. During that watch a sailor would come up to me and militarily announce, "The Chronometer is wound." I had to make that announcement to the Captain. I never knew (until recently) what a chronometer was. Had I known then, I'd have told the main man, "Hey, the clock's wound!"

• I'm so far behind in gadgets. Last week my son got lost taking me to a meeting in Lansing. He held a small box up to his mouth and said, "Washington Street." The machine was nicer than I would have been. It said turn left, etc. I'd have said something like, "Turn left, you #@%& idiot!"

• Important thing in life, pet your dog, or mine.

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Be satisfied.

Be grateful.

Jim Sherman, Sr. is president of Sherman Publications, Inc. He has penned "Jim's Jottings" since 1955.
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