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Running into 2013

January 09, 2013 - By now you are either deep into your New Year's resolution, you have given up and are asking yourself why you make one just to break it, or you are still trying just to write down the year correctly.

I didn't really make any resolutions this year. I mean, how do you really top 2012 after giving up the sugar-enriched pop, Starbucks Frappucchinos and other weight-inducing treats?

Pretty much by continuing on. I have not had pop since June. I have ... well I have had a frappuccino. I was allowed one bad weekend - so I indulged (my logic, whipped cream has fat in it. Yes, the amount of sugar is greater but ... don't worry, I am not going back).

But back to the question - how to top 2012? Basically, keep going. I am doing one more round of my nutrition plan with Nuview Nutrition.

Depending how I do my next phase, it will be a life plan. The me a year ago would be scared giving up favorite foods and dishes.

But I have been away from sugars and bad fats so long now, I don't have any cravings. Oh, sure, the holidays were hit or miss, but everyone has something they can't have.

Every day is a new day to say I don't want it. I don't need it. I lost 60 pounds. I do not want it back.

The next stage will also include exercise. I know I was so good at avoiding it or so good at not having the time. But I have a crazy goal this year to run.

I have already signed up for two 5Ks. I am doing the Color Run in May again (if you don't have a team, let me know. You can join our colorful crew).

The second is not the Warrior Dash. I am trying something different with a few of my classmates from elementary - kind of like a reunion.

We are doing the Foam Fest at Stoney Creek Metropark. It is the first year it is coming to Michigan. It has foam, mud and obstacles.

I have been invited to do another event called Every Person Involved Cares 2013 Half-Marathon and 5K; I am still debating since there is another event the following week. (By the way all of these are on www.active.com if interested.)

But I would like to run, not walk like I did last year. I am ready for the next phase. Anyone have running shoe tips?

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