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Letter to the Editor: A Democrat's response in 'Republican land'

January 09, 2013 - First I want to apologize to those I have offended or will offend in this and future letters to the editor.

I guess I was taken to the woodshed and thoroughly verbally trashed for having the audacity to write my thoughts and even sarcastic comments and send them in.

Although it may have seemed that I wrote as if all agreed with me, it is not lost on me that I am in the heart of Republican land where the Republican primary is more important than the National election (not sarcasm, fact). I know I am in such a small minority that most people won't agree with.

That is why I start some of my letters with a "dastardly Republicans" comment so those who don't agree won't have to waste their time reading further.

I apologize for having more questions than answers. That must be foreign to someone who has all the answers. And forgive me for losing my patience but if I remember correctly it was originally a Republican question, "are you better off than you were since the last election?" (Sorry, more sarcasm.)

I know it's sacrilegious to suggest we cut the numbers of our Legislators and cut their pay back but I thought I was actually rooting for a Republican idea. You know less government! Funny how that has become less pay and benefits for teachers and law enforcement officers and less money for education but not so much less for those who actually govern. If it seems that I am just spouting off ideas without facts I am sorry you got that impression. In my previous letter the facts on legislators' wages and expense accounts as compared to other States are all there to be researched on the internet.

I am sorry if I gave the impression that I was attacking Mr. Jacobsen and his family. They are fine people. What I thought I was doing was asking Representative Jacobsen to prove his theory that the shift of the tax burden from small businesses to taxpayers, retired people, local governments and school children would mean higher paying jobs and more jobs in the private sector. Anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows that smart business people don't create jobs because they have more money. They create jobs because they have more business. If it sounded like I asked sarcastically that's because I didn't expect an answer. I just wanted to let the respected representative know that I wasn't buying that load.

Gerald Podzikowski


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