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Letter to the Editor: New streetscape 'a huge waste of money'

February 06, 2013 - I just finished reading the latest edition of The Oxford Leader. The continued discussion about making our town more attractive to foot traffic and shoppers with a new streetscape has me very frustrated.

I am 60 years old and grew up here. I frequently walk downtown. I am not afraid to walk downtown. The traffic noise can be loud, but we have lived with the gravel trains for more than my 60 years.

I remember a time when there was a reason to stroll and shop downtown. We had several clothing stores, gift shops, hardware, general merchandise stores, fabric and yarn shops.

There are only a few retail stores on main street now, and none of them are the kind of store you stroll through to browse. How often do you need to buy a frame, flowers or new cell phone? The vast majority of Oxford residents don't require horse saddles or related items.

I am really glad we still have a local pharmacy, but again, it's not the kind of store you browse through unless you're waiting for a prescription.

Personally, I'm thrilled by the number of eating establishments we have now. A big improvement over 15 to 20 years ago, but most of them have back entrances, which the majority of their customers use.

In my opinion, a new streetscape will not bring people to town and would be a huge waste of money. The reason there are no shoppers downtown is not because they are afraid for their lives, there is just nothing to draw them there.

Linda Felske


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