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Wauldron thanks community as he heads up north

February 20, 2013 - Dear Editor,

There was a rumor going around Clarkston I was leaving the area. Well, that rumor has come true. My wife and I have decided to move up north to our lakefront home in St. Helen, approximately 150 miles north of Clarkston. We have had this home for more than 30 years and only used it during the summer and holidays. This decision did not come lightly and it took some time to realize, with the economy the way it has been the last few years, we thought this was the time to make this move. Paying taxes on both properties and the cost of driving to and from St. Helen made the decision for us.

Since moving to Clarkston in 2005, I have made a lot of friends and enjoyed their friendship. My commitment to Clarkston started one day in my new condo when I read an article about Clarkston Area Youth Assistance and the rest is history. Since that eventful day, I have been associated with Oakland County Youth Assistance, Clarkston Rotary, Clarkston Optimist, Clarkston Farmers Market, of which I was one of the original organizers, Independence Township Planning Commission, Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce. I also ran for a seat on the Clarkston Board of Education and Independence Township Board of Trustees.

It has been a pleasure meeting so many wonderful residents of Clarkston, especially at the Farmers Market. I will be making trips into Clarkston since my daughter and her family live in Clarkston. If you happen to visit St. Helen, please stop in and say hello. So for now I bid you all goodbye and thanks for the memories.

Joe Wauldron

Independence Township

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