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Letter to the Editor

Reader disagrees with drilling warnings

March 20, 2013 - Dear Editor,

In response to "Commissioner sees water risk in oil, gas drills," March 6, I find it incredible Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash, a public servant, would say these things in the newspaper without having proof to back any of the items up.

Let's start with his example in Pennsylvania, where one well blew out, there was no long-term damage from this accident. By Commissioner Nash's stance, since we can't do anything to stop any kind of accident from happening, let's not do anything.

This argument makes no sense at all.

Virginia Shannon's statement stated, "There is no way to make any drilling or extraction risk-free."

This is another bit of nonsense. There's no way to do anything in life risk-free. Risk takers are what built this country along with cheap, abundant energy.

Ms. Shannon also stated "gas drilling in other states contaminated drinking water sources, made nearby residence sick, and turned forest acres into industrial zones." This is simply not true.

And I won't even start to argue with her about this ridiculous global warming pollution. If you follow the money on that one, you'll find out what it's all about.

I am the president of Waterford Hill Manor Homeowners Association and Jordan Development contacted us a little over a year ago. At that time, the board and I did our due diligence and have researched drilling in Michigan, which has some of the most stringent drilling laws in the United States.

We spoke to various attorneys and landowners who have signed leases with Jordan Development and found them to be an upstanding company.

Mr. Nash's statement "major banks will not put a mortgage on places that have a fracking lease" has nothing to do with the topic at hand as they are not fracking.

I have found no credible proof that this statement is true.

Fracking has been around for over 60 years and no one, not the Michigan DEQ or federal EPA or any other credible environmental agency, has found this method to be harmful to the environment.

Cliff Marquette

Independence Township

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