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Letter to the Editor

Thanks for help in rescuing stranded cat

April 03, 2013 - Dear Editor,

We live in the Clarkston/Orion area and yesterday (March 25) at 7 a.m., a cat was spotted in a tree across the street from our sub.

The tree was about 50-60 feet high. Many residents from our subdivision, Montclair at Oakhurst, called various agencies, animal control, fire department, and sheriff, without any help.

Three different neighbors put out food to entice the cat down. However, that did not help. We had about 10 residents at one time calling for it to come down and then two neighbors even tried to cut down a very slim tree to lean against the tree the cat was in.

That didn't work out either.

After an entire day, and night upon us, everyone went home praying the cat would come down on it's own.

We woke to the cat still in the tree! It was freezing and now had been over 24 hours.

It was about 8:30 a.m. when I heard a truck. It was Davey Tree Service setting up the cherry picker to rescue the cat!

Kenneth and Josh saved the cat! They were such nice young men. Later in the day, we found out a neighbor had called the tree service and explained the situation. They came out to rescue the cat at no charge!

Thank you Davey Tree Service and to our sweet neighbor, Sophia, for calling. The cat is still afraid and in my garage. It has food and water and is free to go home but won't leave from under my stairs. I'm sure he just has to regain some confidence.

We would love to see this story go public. We are a small but very tight group who appreciates the help from Davey Tree Service!

Erin Kelch

Independence Township

Checking in, April 1, Erin said the cat was doing fine. "We've seen him around. I think he has a home but I couldn't say for sure. He is definitely an outdoor cat," she added.

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