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Letter to the Editor

Reader wants drivers to slow down

April 10, 2013 - Dear Editor,

I work outside all over Clarkston every week of the year. It is impossible for me not to notice how people drive. Every driver I see does the same things.

You drive up to 50 miles an hour on streets like Holcomb. On Bluegrass, you drive so fast your children are thrown to the side of your SUVs by the g-forces you're creating when you take the curves.

You pass obstructions such as garbage trucks on residential streets, again over the speed limit, only to come within a hair's breadth of oncoming traffic. Since you've forgotten the law, I'll remind you. You're required to wait until there is no oncoming traffic and then you are allowed to pass safely.

Then there's my favorite. At intersections with stop signs, you don't even stop, much less look to see if it's safe to proceed. Or, you slow down and pretend to look, all the while eying your latest text. Why can't you stop? Do you really think you're saving time? You use more time doing your silly slow down, if you even do slow down.

Every time you parents and grandparents break simple laws like these, you're teaching your kids it's ok to break the law. You claim to "heart" your children or your silly bumper stickers. You can't even say you love them. You have to use some idiotic slogan. You know why? It is because you don't love them.

If you did, you wouldn't endanger their lives and everyone else's on the road. If you did, you would teach them respect for the law. Why do you think all these tragedies like Columbine and Sandy Hook happen? Our children and taught, from their parents, that it's ok to break the law.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Do you really think the nanoseconds you're saving trying to get to your next unimportant errand are really worth your life or the lives of the children you claim to "heart" so much?

Brian P. DeLiso


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