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Letter to the Editor: More support for the Lone Ranger and his 'good message'

April 10, 2013 - Thank you for educating the community about past Oxford resident, Brace Beemer, who became the most prolific and well-remembered radio voice for the Lone Ranger – at least to us old enough to remember.

Without Beemer, the Lone Ranger's stories would have probably not have gained the popularity to later see a long television run.

I've also been reading about the upcoming Disney movie about the Lone Ranger, to be released at the same time Oxford annually celebrates its heritage during "Celebrate Oxford."

I've heard about a movement to retitle those combined events for 2013 as "Lone Ranger Days" for this one year.

Considering the good message that the Lone Ranger episodes always conveyed and the key role that one of our own had in resonating the Lone Ranger's message with the American public, we should all support the idea of allowing this year's summer celebration in Oxford to be alternatively called "Lone Ranger Days." If it's not done, it will be an opportunity forever lost, given the simultaneous release of the Disney movie about the Masked Man and Tonto, both men committed to goodness and justice. They're stories which would not have gained traction without Brace Beemer's excellent portrayal.

It's time to promote taking care of oneself and then looking after others in true need rather than having others look after our needs while we are quite able.

The Lone Ranger Days theme should also attract more interest from outsiders looking for something to do and curious to see how goodness and justice are celebrated. That's something all good people are interested in.

I encourage Oxford event planners to latch on to the Lone Ranger theme this one year and see what the community can do with it. It will surely attract more outside attention than any other theme during a year when the past iconic efforts of one of our own is again coming to full recognition through a new portrayal using today's A-list actors and film technology.

Oxford was and is ground zero for those interested in fighting the good fight.

Charles Bosler


Editor's Note: In last week's Leader, it was reported that Oxford's Community Events Committee voted to rename the Aug. 3 Celebrate Oxford event to either "Celebrate The Lone Ranger" or "Celebrate Lone Ranger."

The village attorney is attempting to contact an attorney in New York City, who represents Classic Media, LLC, to see if either of those names would be permissible given that entity holds the trademark on the name "The Lone Ranger."

So far, no word, but we'll keep everyone posted on the situation.

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