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April 24, 2013 - Dear Editor,

Even though I'm not a Clarkston City of theVillage of resident, I've been watching the shenanigans of the Clarkston City Council regarding their choice of a city manager anyway.

I would have to conclude changing the law to make the Carol Eberhardt appointment "legal" ignores the fact that the Clarkston City Council broke the law the moment they publicly announced they were considering her for the job. If the city council had been following the law, Ms. Eberhardt never would have been on the list of candidates. Going back and changing a law they have already violated doesn't change the fact that the council broke the law the moment they considered her for the job.

Section 4.18, "except where authorized by law or five members of the Council, elected officers shall not hold any appointed city office or city employment during the term for which they were elected, and former elected officers shall not hold any compensated appointed city office or city employment until one year after the expiration of their term in office."

Repealing a law they have already broken gives the public an acknowledgement that the city council knows it has broken a law. This is akin to someone speeding on a road posted 25, they get a ticket only to see the speed limit changed to 45 shortly thereafter. In the eyes of the law, is that person still guilty regardless of the change that was made afterward? You bet!

The board appointment of Carol Eberhardt was, and still is, illegal.

Michael Powell

Independence Township

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