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Letter to Editor: Not a fan of township's new sign design

May 01, 2013 - The proposed design for the signs to be erected at the north and south ends of the Village of Oxford leaves something to be desired.

It's a real stretch of the imagination to think it reflects, as the article put it, "…the historic stone railroad bridge, built in 1891, that runs over Indian Lake Road; …a monolith . . . to symbolize the township's long history of gravel mining operations; …a beam . . . that symbolizes the township's 'strength.'"

The design is too abstract. We've been told what it is supposed to mean.

Will the general public traveling on M-24 know that? Absolutely not.

The thought behind the design is too deep, too modern - and it doesn't blend visually with the design of the downtown. In other words, it's totally meaningless.

Trustee Jack Curtis explained the idea was to make the signage on M-24 more modern-looking and mimic what other "progressive communities," like Bloomfield Township, are using as their "gateway entrance."

Who cares what Bloomfield Township has done? This design mimics nothing about the progression of Oxford.

When Meijer was proposing to come to town, a meeting was called by Township officials which included Meijer representatives and Oxford residents.

At that meeting, which I attended, the township told them they had to offer a building that would compliment the architecture of downtown Oxford.

They complied and everyone was happy.

Where does the design of these new signs compliment anything about Oxford other than looking like a pile of rocks that could represent the gravel industry?

I would like to see another plan drawn up by Main Street Oakland County - one that really reflects Oxford - it's past and future.

As Sue Bellairs said, "It doesn't really hit me."

Well, Sue, it doesn't hit me at all other than being visually ridiculous. As it is now, it's a total waste of $20,000.

Carla Lambertson


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