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Hello Clarkston!

May 08, 2013 - Hello readers. I'm the new reporter at The Clarkston News. I spent much of this week introducing myself to members of the community, and getting to know issues important to residents.

As the days go by I will get to know even more community members. I want to know your name yes yours, and tell me your story, too. The very first Clarkston resident I met invited me to a barbeque, so as you can imagine I was already feeling welcome.

I have also been getting to know my coworkers, who I must say are inspiring me with their health conscious attitudes. I have wanted to join the local health club for months, so the healthy attitudes around here push me to want to do it even more.

Clarkston News Editor Phil Custodio interviewed me on his weekly show "Phil in the Blank," so if you get a chance check it out on

Funny story on just how I started working in the newspaper business. It was all thanks to the wrong phone number yes, the wrong phone number! On the very first day I had my landline, I received a call from a Holly newspaper. I lived in Holly at the time, and out of curiosity I called the number back wondering why the heck they were calling me.

Publisher Rick answered the phone, and after establishing that I did not owe him any money for anything, I said, "I know why you called me, you need a writer don't you."

The voice on the other line said, "As a matter of fact I do, so come on in and see me sometime this week." I was in the office 10 minutes later because I've always loved to write. I recognized the great opportunity. Really, I've always loved newspapers, too. I remember looking through them before I could even read.

After having a column in the newspaper for a while, I was hired as the staff reporter and worked there for quite a few years. I eventually worked for a magazine, as well as several other large publications.

About 12 years later, here I am, all yours, Clarkston.

And a few weeks ago I walked in The Clarkston News without an appointment because I was determined to work here. What is the lesson here? Fortune indeed favors the bold. So be bold!

I'll be seeing you.

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