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Letter to Editor: People help make Oxford a great place to live

May 22, 2013 - Several years ago, my wife and I moved to the sleepy Village of Oxford.

At that time there were very few dining places and a shortage of places to grocery shop or to purchase a variety of goods. For years, there was a contentious relationship between officials of the township and village.

How things have changed.

The changes have come because of the people involved.

We now have a village council that actually encourages people to express their views.

We now have an abundance of dining facilities and a greater number of shopping opportunities.

We now have a viable weekly newspaper.

We now have a state-recognized DDA.

All of this has come about because of the people involved.

People count.

We have a township supervisor who is actively involved with village affairs. We have a village manager who is easily accessible. We have a newspaper editor who transformed the local newspaper. We have a village council composed of highly qualified people. People count. We have a first class police department led by a police chief who knows the community. People count.

We have a good water system and worthy DPW. People count. We have a pleasant village park and well maintained bicycle/walking trail. We have many residents and businesses that fully support service clubs' fundraisers.

Years ago I was in a position to evaluate federal educational programs. Although we used sophisticated statistical techniques, I soon learned that the success or failure of any program was highly dependent upon the program director. An evaluation of the program directors performance was a crucial factor in determining the value of any program.

Here in Oxford, we are blessed to have outstanding leaders. Of course there are some shortcomings since all humans possess strengths and weaknesses. To keep such leaders, we cannot embrace such things as part-time employment or salary reductions. To keep good people, a way must be found to retain such people.

People count.

Merle Smith


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