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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin

America in pieces

May 29, 2013 - In towns across America live sets of characters. Authority figures who make the rules (managers and boards), sisters and brothers who like to party (DDA and Chamber of Commerce events), cranky uncle's (the nitpickers and complainers), random family members always there to help (Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc.), and the teens who play their music too loud and make you scratch your head.

Anytime you have such dynamics, like a family, there is bound to be disagreements, quarrels, and people who question why others are doing whatever they're doing.

Last week a two mile wide tornado ripped through an Oklahoma town. People died and homes were ripped apart.

Who would help you pick up the pieces? It will be your neighborhood brothers and sisters and that cranky uncle, too. And yes, those crazy teens who drive too fast and play their music too loud.

It is your community, all those characters, a type of family.

It's those small towns across America, operating with strength and unity making America beautiful. They come together, like a family, in times of crisis.

It's the many churches in a community, arisen thanks to freedom of religion, who feed the hungry and help house the homeless like they do every day.

It's the groups and organizations Americans have freely to created, hitting the pavement and stand in streets to help raise money to help their neighbors.

It's the art that our spirits are free to create to uplift sorrowed souls.

It's the neighbor you went to school with (and got a good public education too) who will work hand in hand with you to restore your neighborhood.

It's the local lumberyard or corner store (ran by your neighbors and thanks to free commerce and entrepreneurship) that allows you to gather goods needed to rebuild.

You can bet when the going gets rough, your community like any good family, will unite. You see it time and time again throughout America when a crisis strikes. Thankfully, we have had these freedoms.

I thank our soldiers, willing to battle, because they know they fight for something beautiful-freedom. I am thankful, for out of all the places to be born, I was born in America.

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