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Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Advice for grads

June 05, 2013 - It is a Clarkston High School tradition I never knew about until I arrived here - the senior walk.

If you haven't participated in it or even heard of it the seniors take their final walk throughout the school.

The seniors gather in the gym in their caps and gowns and wait until 10 o'clock to make their last journey around their high school, and this year they had their final walk on May 21.

They pass their family gathered in the hallways with cameras in one hand and tissues in the other hand. They pass the lower classmen.

They pass by their old lockers, teachers and classrooms where they had the moment where everything clicked with one lesson. Or they decided a particular subject was not for them.

Then, they emerge from the side doors of the high school and ready for their next venture.

It is a pretty cool tradition to be able to say goodbye to your high school, teachers and coaches.

Some of the seniors may not see it as cool. But I say it is because my high school didn't have close to the same tradition and I was ready to get out of high school.

Keep in mind I graduated...awhile ago. My last day of school as a senior was three days before school officially let out for summer vacation. I was freed only because I had less than five absences and had higher than a "B" average in all of my classes, thus getting out of the final exam.

As all of you 2013 high school graduates go your different ways and start your new adventures you will hear words of advice. I will join the fun and throw in my own:

• Continue your education - even if you don't plan to go to college, take a few classes here and there. Learn something new or continue to learn more about something you enjoy.

• Be healthy - I know I can't get you to completely avoid the "freshman 15" but I can try. Here it is – avoid sugary drinks, sugary food, greasy food and late night snacks. Eat healthy and be active - walk around campus. It will be hard but as someone who has been there and just lost 90 pounds, I believe you can do it.

• Build credit - build credit, yet avoid credit cards.

• Don't procrastinate - I can't really say more. I write therefore I procrastinate.

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