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Letter to the Editor

Praise for hard work by local diggers

June 05, 2013 - Dear Editor,

Often letters are complaints. This is one of praise.

Having waited for four months for another very good excavating company to commit to replacing my septic field, I called several local builders for recommendations.

Beardslee Sand and Gravel was the company recommended more than others. Dick Moscovic, builder, told me owner Steve Sawyer would do a good job for me at a fair price. And that he did.

Word was prompt, on schedule and Sawyer used skill and intellect to dispose of the excess in a depression in my woods. One of my biggest concerns was changing the rolling topography of the land, i.e. water drainage, forming unusual ridges.

He returned to add topsoil and seed. It's perfect! Steve also assured me that he was picky about screened topsoil. Too often because topsoil is scarce, a combination of peat, sand and soil masquerade as topsoil, but do not contain enough nutrients to grow grass.

I have a large lawn and Beardslee will be my go-to for topsoil, gravel or whatever. But I won't need a new septic field for another 40 years.

Joan Harbaugh

Springfield Township

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