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Letter to the Editor

A call to preserve current public access

June 26, 2013 - Dear Editor,

The Clarkston Cable Public Access channel is about to be given to the high school by the township board at the contrivance of the new supervisor.

After much hard work, the cable committee has succeeded in hiring a capable new coordinator/program director, replacing equipment with state of the art, and connecting to AT&T U-verse where you can watch board meetings

But just as public access TV is ready to take off again, producing community service and quirky local programming, where anyone can have their own TV show, the board wants the children to have the equipment, to move everything out of the studio building on Maybee Road into the high school against the unanimous opinion of all five cable committee members.

Ten years ago, the school took the education channel and hasn't produced one acceptable broadcast of a school board meeting. And now this great insatiable sucking maw is going to receive the government and community access channels as well.

I am broken hearted. The people paying cable bills should have something to say about this. It reminds me of the way we got a new township hall. The board doesn't seem to care what tax payers or cable bill payers think of their plan. People need to call the supervisor and come to the board meetings before it is too late.


Nancy Stephenson

Independence Township

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