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Letters to the editor

July 03, 2013 - Sheriff service

Dear Editor,

In regards to the story "Questions on city use of township's sheriff services," June 12, I was just wondering if the City of the Village of Clarkston can demand sheriff deputies drives through downtown even if they're on their way to dinner, can I demand they start to hang out on Cramlane at the Snowapple cross street or near where it connects to Chestnut Hills Farms, to nail the speeders, stop sign ignorers and mailbox knocker overs that frequently use our neighborhood as a cut through?

We've submitted requests on the Road Commission web site, asking to eliminate the cut through or make our streets for private residents only (preferred) several times, but they never respond.

The current method of control is to not fix potholes, but the main stretch is in just too good of shape to thwart the scoundrels. The traffic volume and behavior on our once quiet street makes it impossible to walk safely at certain times of day.

Nearly missing being hit three times in one walk and calling the sheriff, I've been told they just don't have the resources for traffic issues.

I'd think it would be a priority. If they started ticketing all the reckless drivers it would be enough to fund both the township and the city's police force a couple of times over!

Tammie J. Heazlit

Independence Township

'Look back' memories

Dear Editor,

I always enjoy reading "A look back" column in The Clarkston News and I noticed an item in the June 19 issue that brought back some special memories. It was the "50 years ago" item "Postmaster Elizabeth Ronk announced the five digit ZIP code for Clarkston as 48016."

Having arrived in Clarkston as a beginning teacher in 1955, I supplemented my income by working for Mrs. Ronk on weekends, holidays, and summer months as a substitute mail carrier. Later, when I became a principal, I realized how much I had learned about leadership from this remarkable woman.

Observing how she dealt with customers and employees was an inspiration. She was always kind, courteous, had a genuine concern for what was going on in their lives remembering Ray Klein, Ray Jarvis, John Adams, Howard Bliss who have all passed on and the pleasant working environment Mrs. Ronk created was a special time. She demonstrated a positive, cheerful outlook on life and treated everyone with utmost respect and appreciation. She had a personal strength and confidence that she imparted to others.

It's too bad that many of your readers didn't have the opportunity to meet Clarkston's outstanding postmaster today it would be postmistress Elizabeth Ronk.

Mel L. Vaara


No meddling in city

Dear Editor,

I find it interesting, and a bit disturbing, that Michael Powell, who resides in Independence Township, should be meddling in Clarkston Village affairs regarding the city manager and the city's operations.

During my eight years in Independence Township government, Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission, I always respected the sovereignty of Clarkston Village, and its government, and worked to make sure that on those occasional issues of mutual interest, they were represented.

As well-intentioned as it may be, it's more appropriate to let the village solve its own issues, unless help is requested, without any Monday morning quarterbacking from non-residents.

Joseph Lawrence

Traverse City

Formerly of Independence Township

Thanks to Buck

Dear Editor,

Thanks to Buck and Joan Kopietz as they close their small business, the former Tierra, in downtown Clarkston. For many years, sometimes in less than inviting business conditions, they steadfastly held forth, an anchor in the downtown business district. Long before its current illumination, downtown was well served by Tierra. In all its incarnations over many years, Tierra always offered friendly, personal service. Best wishes to Buck and Joan. Thank you.

Zac Bell

Independence Township

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