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Letter to the Editor: Random acts of kindness benefit motorists in distress

July 03, 2013 - A week or so ago I was driving on Burdick St. by John Burt Realty and ran out of gas.

Not sure what to do I turned on my blinkers and a fellow slowed down and asked if I needed help.

Just then out of nowhere a woman appeared and she called to two young fellows who were walking on the sidewalk and asked if they would help.

They said sure and came over to push my car into the parking lot. Within minutes they were gone.

It all happened so fast that I'm not sure if I thanked them.

I have lived in Oxford over 40 years and just want to let people know that we still have kind hearted people living here who go the extra mile to help those in need. Thank you for helping a woman in distress.

Sue Enekes


It is so hard to put the kindness of people into words, but when my back tire blew out because of a pot hole, the people from Oxford's We Buy It and the new owner of Oxford Brake and Front End were so happy to help me out and get my car on the road again. There is no true way to thank them for what they did. There are still great people in Oxford.

Vinnie Wilson


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