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Letter to the Editor: Some DDA thoughts

July 10, 2013 - Thankfully, a DDA board member Ed, Hunwick recently addressed the criticisms of the DDA board in the Oxford Leader. At a recent village council meeting, the council members were very critical of the DDA board members. I did not hear any acknowledgement of the good things that the DDA board and the DDA director have done for this community. Rather, a vindictive attitude seemed to prevail.

The council also discussed a possible restructuring of the DDA board. It was evident that Ms. Bossardet has given much thought and effort to fashion a transitional DDA board. However, in my opinion, there is an over-loading of financial types. Certainly some financial expertise is needed but there also needs to be persons with visionary and creativity assets.

Some have said that the over riding influence of bean counters led to the failure of GM to come up with designs competitive with Japanese automakers. Moreover, the recent fiscal problems of this country were brought about in part by faulty financial judgments. Thus, if there is to be a restructuring of the DDA board, I hope there is a balance between financial experts and creative individuals.

Merle Smith


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