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Letter to the Editor:Voters should decide hot-button issues

July 17, 2013 - There are three issues that should be decided by the American voters. Gay marriage, immigration, and Obamacare. These issues are being rushed into play by the current administration as payback for votes their party received without studying the consequences.

Our government has lost all ability to govern. Some kind of system needs to be set up so the voters can use their good judgment and get the country back on track.

Gay marriage is one can of worms where both parties are catering to a select group (many voters) without studying the long term effects.

Example: Let's say I open a Fiat dealership. I take the emblems off and put Cadillac emblems on and put them up for sale as Cadillacs. My basis would be they are both cars and therefore I could sell them as Cadillacs.

Our two-faced government would say no you can't do that. Cars are the same species, but separate.

Gay people (homosexuals) demand that they be married. A majority of Americans believe they should have some kind of legal union and receive benefits as a couple just as married heterosexual couples do.

This has been very confusing for homosexuals and a legal union other than marriage would partially help, but not enough.

I can't sell a Fiat as a Cadillac because they are separate, yet our two-faced government says homosexuals are a separate people from heterosexual people, but still people therefore they are the same and should be given access to the same God-given institution of marriage as heterosexuals.

The government says cars are the same, but separate. Gays and heterosexuals are separate, but the same?

There are other issues as well.

Case in point, let's say California allows gay marriage and businesses based in California have to pay benefits for a gay person's partner.

Let's say the one with the good job gets transferred to the branch of their company in another state that does not recognize gay marriage. Does the company still have to pay benefits?

If so, then what about the other gay couples working at the same out-of-state branch that can't get married. Do they get benefits as well?

Several states are looking at giving benefits to gay couples even if they are not married. There are thousands if not millions of heterosexual men and women living in the United States that are not married. Does that mean that an unmarried gay couple could get benefits, but not the unmarried heterosexual couple?

Michigan does not recognize gay marriage. What if a large company like Ford, based in Detroit, transfers a gay person to California. Does that mean they have to offer benefits to that couple, but not to other gay couples working in Detroit? If so, does that mean a company like Ford would then have to give benefits to all its gay employees nationwide?

We are in a mess with the gay problem and from giving jobs to 11 million illegal aliens that we can't afford to give up because we have 22 million Americans who are out of work.

We have given free trade to lots of countries we don't even know about so they can boost their economy while losing more jobs at the same time. Add Obamacare to the list and it will completely destroy our country.

Doug Starkey


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