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Letter to the Editor: Lone Ranger parade a success thanks to these fine folks

August 14, 2013 - The Lone Ranger parade on Saturday, August 3 was quite an amazing day for our community. Coming on the heels of our success with the sneak preview of the Disney Lone Ranger movie July 2, it showed what can be done when the right people come together for the right reasons.

If Oxford could give Hollywood-style Oscars, we would have a long list of winners.

Oxford Leader Editor C.J. Carnacchio was an invaluable asset who provided research and public awareness. Village Manager Joe Young was able to guide us through the municipal maze of logistics.

Catherine Willoughby energized and organized the Lone Ranger Scavenger Hunt.

Resident Connie Miller and Jeweler Mark Young had a brilliant concept with the "Silver Bullet Good Deeds" contest, while Susan Bossardet helped make the Northeast Oakland Historical Museum come alive with Lone Ranger displays.

Major Murray was a maestro with the needed work flowcharts.

The parade started on time and flowed smoothly thanks to the volunteer efforts of Kevin Kadrich's church group and Past Kelvin Lott's congregation.

Oxford Bank and attorneys Bob Bunting and Bob Davis made generous donations to help the cause while many others played supporting roles along the way.

We had over 60 parade entries that looked great marching north on M-24. They were interesting, fun and put a smile on the thousands of faces lining the streets of downtown Oxford.

It was gratifying for all of us to enjoy the sunshine and the positive energy. On behalf of The Lone Ranger Posse (committee), "Thank you and congratulations to Oxford!"

Rod Charles

Lone Ranger Committee Chairman

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