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Letter to Editor Resident praises well run meeting

August 21, 2013 - Last night (Aug. 14) at a Township Board meeting the proposal for an Off-Road Vehicle Park in the Koenig Gravel Pits went down in flames.

Supervisor Dunn held a tight but fair meeting, and made sure that everyone who wanted to say something about it had the chance......

In contrast at the Parks and Recreation meeting the night before (at the Village Council Meeting,) the officials would not give up their microphones to move into a larger room that would accommodate everyone who wanted to be included. The fire marshal would not allow people above the room's capacity to attend; but the windows were opened so those standing in the parking lot outside could hear what was going on, if not participate.

Some people commented that they had no idea what a "charrette" was upon receiving their postcards, and Addison Township was completely left out of the proceedings until a few days before the last meeting on August 14th. Notable is the fact that the Ballentine subdivision, which abutted the proposed park immediately to the east was left out until the last minute.

It was interesting that most of the people who were in favor of the ORV park were NOT from Oxford Township. Some township residents with Off Road Vehicles, said they would continue going to The Mounds for their sport and did not want it in the middle of a bedroom community in Oxford Township.

Ray and Delano Roads, both designated "Natural Beauty Roads" since the '70's - would have a park entrance and parking lot on Ray Road, near Delano.

Few understood that the ORV Park's "grant money" was solely for the ORV park development. The other "features" such as horse trails, bicycle trails, swimming and boating, dog park, etc. would have to scratch for their own money AFTER the ORV park was built. Good luck in this economy!

Also little understood was the huge money producing horse industry which stretches from Delano Road well into Lapeer County. It took the testimony of our best local veterinarians, Dr. Bob Becker, and Dr. Evan Moore that juxtaposing an ORV park with horses was NOT a compatible possibility.

Finally after all the testimony was heard, a vote was called. Mr. Buck Cryderman had kept score said, "Let's finish this nonsense once and for all - no testing, needed. The majority tonight do not want such a park in their community - and to the shock and surprise of many people, down it went.

Congratulations to the township for a fair trial and a well run meeting - where everyone who wanted to could have their say.

Nancy Gleisner

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