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Letter to Editor: Podzikowski vs. Jacobsen – bong!

August 28, 2013 - Another case of a politician taking credit where credit is not due. Brad Jacobsen's column in the Aug. 14 edition heaped praises on himself and his Republican brotherhood for passing a law which gives our totally disabled veterans property tax immunity on their main residence.

Now this is a right and just gesture for those who have given of themselves so much and it didn't cost the state a thing.

Brad made no mention of how the state was going to reimburse the local governments for the lost revenue. The people who are actually making this possible are the local taxpayers. There is no mention of the state's sacrifice in Brad's column.

Brad also mentions how they have improved the economy by lowering the tax burden on small businesses. He neglected to mention that in order to do that they had to raise the tax burden on the rest of the taxpayers by $1.4 billion just this year alone. That burden just keeps on coming year after year.

I guess Brad thinks the "hard working taxpayers" can better afford it even though many have suffered wage and benefit cuts.

At the same time, they cut revenue to local governments and school districts causing massive cuts in wages and health care to people who also serve and protect us locally and to the children that he so aptly claims are our future.

Now they are planning to help the people who have been hurt by the high tax burden and poor economy. I can't wait to see who they plan to pass that bill to. One thing for sure it won't be the state or the business people, so taxpayers and local governments get ready. You ain't seen nothin yet!

Gerald Podzikowski


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