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Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Autumn cravings

September 18, 2013 - I was craving cider.

I was really craving cider. It sounded good since I missed my opportunity last year because of my nutrition plan.

What has being with Nuview Nutrition taught me over the years? Well, what has losing 90 pounds taught me? Check the labels. As a previous sugar addict I need to check the labels.

So I checked. One tiny eight ounces of a serving is 30 grams of sugar. I didn't even check the ingredients. The numbers were enough. It is too much for a beverage.

I went over to the apples and picked up one of those to munch on instead. It would fulfill the need.

Yes, an apple has sugar, too. But I can stop at the one apple. The apple cider was in a big jug and I wasn't around a cider mill for a tiny sample. If I bought the jug of the sugary beverage I would drink all of it. Then, where would I be? A step away from a pop.

I know a little extreme on the conclusion but it could be a gateway beverage especially since I do still crave pop. Usually I know how to tackle it. The craving is being dehydrated and I need water. I don't need carbonated beverages.

As for other seasonal treats, I am doing pretty good. A Pumpkin Spice Latte from coffee places holds no appeal to me with all the additions and sugar to make it taste so good.

Plus, I was accidentally given a vanilla flavored coffee drink. My taste buds knew it instantly. It was a shock. Not a delighted shock. Then, it hit my stomach.

It is truly amazing how going without sugar for such a long period changes you. Just a bit of something with too much sugar and I feel sick.

Now if only I could make myself feel the same way with coffee. As the sugar intake has gone down the caffeine intake has gone up. You know what - everyone has their vices and as I head into another National Novel Writing Month season I am not about to quit the habit now.

What doesn't make me sick is cheesecake. I did splurge a little. I shared a tiny slice and avoided the syrup on it. So now I rub my hands together and wait for a birthday so I can have just a little piece.

My liver functions have been deemed normal. I can have a few bites.

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