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Letters to the Editor

September 25, 2013 - Sheriff's service outstanding, reader says

Dear Editor,

I wanted to weigh in on the matter of a reincarnation of the Clarkston Police Department ("Police for Clarkston?," Sept. 11). I voted to have them disbanded and will likely do so again, if it ever comes to a vote.

From the perspective of cost only, using the numbers as cited in the article, we, City of the Village of Clarkston, are saving about $139,000 per year as contrasted to when we had our own police department. That's a lot of money. I bet it equals or exceeds the average income of 2-3 households. And we only have about 900 citizens so that's not a strong tax base.

Just a few years ago, when we had our own police, my wife called them early in the morning about an incident, and was connected to a voice mail directing her to call the Oakland County sheriff. No one on duty from midnight to sometime in the morning.

On another occasion, one of our neighbors had a break-in, by a person who had grown up in the neighborhood, but the villain was discovered while in the house and then managed to escape outside. Luckily, the police were immediately called and they in-turn called the sheriff's department. Another stroke of luck occurred; there was a shift-change at the sheriff's office and several deputies showed-up and captured the guy.

I liked the former police chief; a very amiable guy and on a couple of occasions as he cruised thru our street, if we were outside tending to our lawns, etc., he would stop-by and chat for a few minutes. But, how was he serving the other 900+ citizens? Feel good policing is not effective law enforcement.

I own and operate a business in Pontiac and about 2-3 years ago, the emergency manager eliminated the Pontiac Police and the Oakland County Sheriff's Office took over. What a positive change that has been. Response times have substantially improved, crime is immediately addressed, and the deputies are very professional officers.

The depth of resources available from our sheriff's deptartment is exceptional. Yes, they are always there for us, regardless, but if you contract directly with them, this will reduce the chance of a "dropped call" or some other glitch.

From the perspective of my wife and I, we are comfortable with the existing law enforcement structure and consider the tax cost to us to be a reasonably good investment. However, other's may not feel this way and one has to take this into consideration.

Perhaps we should consider contracting directly with the sheriff's department. Rochester Hills, Pontiac, and other communities do this and it might afford us greater police presence at a more reasonable cost.

But, I would not favorably consider any proposal to re-establish our own police department.

David Fritzinger


Councilman clarifies police committee views

Dear Editor,

In regards to "Police for Clarkston?," Sept. 11, one might conclude from this article I favor a tax increase to finance a higher level of police enforcement.

I haven't decided on that. I suggested appointment of a committee to look at alternatives because of the several comments and complaints I have received from residents and the recurring complaints of lack of traffic and parking enforcement.

In my view, the committee should look at all alternatives and report to the city council. It will then be up to the council to make a policy decision about what, if anything, to do.

Richard Bisio

Clarkston City Council

Reader urges keeping perspective on statue

Dear Editor,

In regards to "Statue irks but is historical," Sept. 11, a statue is irking Mr. Fetzer?

Many irksome things in modern America are somewhat unsettling to those of sensitive sensitivities, but the most meddlesome are those who don't mind their own business.

Just avert your eyes from all those annoyances and your quality of life can become more bouyant. Feel the joy! Dump the detritus.

"Noli illegitimi carborundum" (don't let the bastards wear you down), Mr. Fetzer, and don't join them!

Rob Namowicz

Independence Township

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