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Local folks on the go (and one that went)

September 25, 2013 - More than a few years ago a local gal used to set type for us here at the newspaper. A typesetter for us, at that time meant she had good hands and fast fingers because she typed a lot of stuff (and all on deadline). Terri Elliott is her name.

She's also been spotlighted by yours truly, too. I think last year I wrote about her and the chapter she provided for a book about congenital heart conditions. This week, I am again letting folks know what Terri is up to -- a fun run/walk fund-raiser this Sunday (Sept. 29) in downtown Clarkston's Depot Park.

In a top secret e-mail from Terri, I can declassify this information:

"Money raised will help support the Children's Heart Foundation and the Adult Congenital Heart Association. These non-profits fund lifesaving research and provide lifelong services for survivors of congenital heart defects -- American's No. 1 birth defect. We will have guest speakers, food and refreshments, music, and family entertainment. Registration will open at 9 a.m., the fun starts at 10."

* * *

If you're into food, fun, giveaways, demonstrations, tools and home improvement then this Saturday, September 28, you'll need to head to the Ortonville ACE store (M-15 and Oakwood Road). From 10 to 2 p.m., America's Master Handyman and Detroit expert do-it-yourselfer Glenn Haege will be in town.

He's doing both his national and local broadcasts here! Hot damn! Glenn scouted out the store a few months ago and I was lucky enough to be there when it happened. I've listened to his show for years and years and guess what . . . he's the genuine deal. He was friendly, funny and knowledgable.

Oh, and before I forget . . . he's bringing his grill master buddy "Roscoe" with him. Roscoe is a colorful dude who likes to grill. Check out his website, ( for some fun. I did and found this "for guys who like to cook."

His latest recipe for a grillin' good time is Roscoe's Caribbean Style Hot Dog. Here are the ingredients: Hot dogs, buns, cheese, BBQ sauce, onions, garlic beer, mustard, tomato jam, pineapple, pickled cucumbers.

With stuff like that, that dog's got to be good!

* * *

Okay, I've wanted to write a book for a long time. Started and not finished a number of times. Rats. On the upside a local has penned her first book, and the only thing she had to do to get an interesting topic is to give birth to her daughter Kendra's twins.


Yep, in 2008, at the age of 52, Crystal Sirignano gave birth to Mia and Nicco Simpson, her grandchildren. Her first book signing is planned for 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday (Sept. 28) at Goodrich's historic John's Steakhouse -- which just so happens is owned by Crystal's husband, DJ Sirignano. If you want an interesting read about love and dedication, go to and order your copy. Or better yet, tool on up M-15 to Martianland and talk to Crystal herself. The book is titled, A Labor of Love.

* * *

Okay, parents: By a show of hands, who out there is getting tired of the busted old school fund-raising ideas? Who is tired of schlepping order forms to work selling trinkets, candy, food or other crap? Who is tired of the fact that for every $30 in sales, $5 goes to the school?

W-e-l-l local pharmacist, Frank Granett and the nonprofit Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth has released an educational DVD, with co-host Judge Jodi Debbrechy Switalski, designed to help parents, educators and healthcare professionals determine cause of childhood behavioral challenges prior to premature drug therapy.

Groups can now sell 'em for their fund-raisers!

What a good idea: sell good products that can actually help local families, get a higher return for school groups and no more selling stuff where profits leave town!

According to Frank, over 12 million children and young adults in America consume ADHD stimulant and psychiatric medications. This is three times the world's children combined. Zoinks!

Questions? Contact CAOOY Director of Public Relations Erin Wolak at or by visiting

* * *

Was traveling through Manchester, Michigan this weekend and made a quick stop at a country store. (And, when I say quick stop, I mean I saw pumpkins, flicked the blinker and turned right into parking lot -- 60 to zero in two-point-three nano seconds. It was the kind of maneuver that would make your driving instructor spill his coffee or toss his cookies.)

When the dust from McLennan Garden's parking lot cleared, I walked inside. After meandering around looking at crafts, honey, fruit, pumpkins and maple syrup. A guy walked in. Said I looked familiar. I said, "you don't." He smiled. I said I grew up in Clarkston.

So did he, on Round Lake -- which, technically is not in Clarkston proper, rather in the ghettoes of Independence Township. I didn't correct him.

Said he got tired of traffic, drew a circle around work, then looked, found and bought property in that circle . . . which Manchester was. His family now owns a nursery and said country store. Small world. I bought some smoked syrup. Yum, but I still don't recognize him. Check out the store's Facebook page, who knows maybe you'll recognize him.

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