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Letters to the Editor

October 16, 2013 - Thanks from Hugheses

There are times in our lives that great adversity can actually show you that there are those who extend a hand. I want to thank all who have helped us during this challenging time in our life.

I first want to assure you that a road back to recovery has started and the help of all of you played has made things easier. There are, of course, trips back and forth to the hospital and getting back to normal may take some time. We, of course, miss our two little friends, Mitchell and Sarah, but are thankful for the ability to have our grandfather, dad and husband Jim Hughes.

I would still feel remiss without extending a word of thanks to a special few. Thank you C.J. Carnacchio from the Oxford Leader for the story and tribute to our friends; (Oxford Township Supervisor) Bill Dunn for helping around the house with lawn-mowing between our trips back and forth to the hospital; the staff at McLaren Oakland for treatment and therapy and Carol, our neighbor, for cooking and providing baked goods. We would also like to extend a special 'thank you' to our friends in East Tawas for closing up the summer home and making it effortless on our part.

The phone calls and wishes for healing have sustained us during this difficult time. I realize times like this test your faith and ability to find the good in what seems to be wrong. The help and well-wishes have touched our hearts and will last for forever.

Jim and Diane Hughes, Oxford

No joy over fed. shutdown

In Mr. Carnacchio's "My Way" column of Oct. 2, he expressed his joy over the government shutdown and the opening of archery deer season.

It seems ironic that, as I recall, Mr. Carnacchio was in favor of more restrictive government control of fireworks because the noise was scaring his dog.

Also I wonder how many bow hunters are hunting on State or Federal "government" land?

Of course the hunters are seeking deer which would not even be here if it were not for the Pittman /Robertson Act of 1937 which taxed firearms and has brought millions of federal dollars to Michigan protecting natural resources and improving hunting and fishing habitat.

It seems to be the same old story:

Taxes and government are bad unless they're doing something we as individuals like.

Alan Hafeli


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