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Women football announcers are a sure sign of the apocalypse

November 06, 2013 - A while back Michigan State defeated Big Ten opponent Iowa in a football game in East Lansing. The Big Ten Network televised the game. I do not know who was responsible for getting the play-by-play announcer, and I guess it doesn't matter.

She failed terribly.

That's right, they put a woman behind the microphone for a football game.

Everybody, except maybe one Afghan, knows that the two big football teams in our state are the Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines. Broadcasters everywhere know U of M can be called "Michigan" and MSU "State".

This female announcer for the Iowa game often referred to State as Michigan.

That spoiled the whole game for neighborly Michigan fans, who, except when they face each other, will root for the Lansing eleven.

Besides football is a man's game. Every man in the world, except maybe that one in Afghanistan, expects, even demands, a male be the lead telecaster.

Of course, the female president of MSU, Lou Anne K. Simons, might have been involved in the selection.

I'm ending this Jottings rant now (though my semester at MSU should make me a little bit eligible to criticize).

- - - O - - -

Back to my usual rant of late . . . Obama so loves the poor he's created millions more.

Rumor in California: Rumors are circulating in California that radical Muslims are planning to go on a rampage in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, killing anyone who is white, straight and born in the U.S.A.

Police fear the death toll could be as high as 49.

- - - O - - -

A quote from Obama that says a whole lot about his wordings: "We plan for every contingency!"

So the president's planners had a plan for what to do when they closed the national memorial the day hundreds of veterans came from all over the U.S. to visit the cemetery -- really?

They had a plan for receiving the flag draped caskets of the most recent war victims.

The planners had a plan for resolving the government shutdown for 80 percent of our government, but not the other 20 percent.

That's the epitome of faulty planning.

But it's typical of how planning goes in Washington as "selfs" are put ahead the people.

- - - O - - -

I think the mainstream media has adopted way too many initials in their reporting. I guess they think we've heard initials so often everyone knows what they stand for.

FDIC, FDA, MRI, CEO, etc. But there comes DOD, HHS, AEC, CSB: Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, Atomic Energy Commission and Chemical Safety Board.

Those first four are Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Food and Drug Administration, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Chief Executive Officer.

Media readers expect us to know at least half of them.

Jim Sherman, Sr. is president of Sherman Publications, Inc. He has penned "Jim's Jottings" since 1955.
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