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November 27, 2013 - Grateful couple thanks local business

Editor's Note: Oxford resident Rob Misenar wanted to share his gratitude to Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors in Oxford for handling the arrangements and absorbing all the funeral costs (with the exception of the casket) for his infant son, Lucas Craig Misenar, who died on Oct. 29, 2013 at the age of 3½ months.

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know just how thankful that my wife and I are for all that you did for us in handling the arrangements of our baby boy. In your line of work, I am sure that you run into grief and sorrow on an endless basis.

You handle these emotions and carry yourselves with the upmost respect, compassion, professionalism, and grace.

We were extremely touched and moved with how you treated us and how the services were handled.

It was clear to us that you all shared in our emotions and that you were a part of proceedings and not simply there doing a job.

You went well above and beyond the normal call of duty, and for that we are forever grateful.

You are truly remarkable people doing remarkable work.

You all will be in our thoughts for a long, long time.

I will forever strongly recommend to anyone that finds themselves in a similar/unfortunate situation that they call Lynch and Sons Funeral Directors for their arrangements.

They make these impossible situations manageable and memorable. There is no one better.

Rob and Jessica Misenar


Upset by column on women football announcers

As a recent transplant to Michigan, I subscribed to the Oxford Leader as I did not know much about the town I chose to settle in. I do love our new home, as it offers an easy commute to central Oakland County for a young professional like me, and the way of life and one would assume the values in which one hopes to raise a well-rounded family.

As I say, I still don't know all that much about Oxford, but what I do know is football. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I grew up with Fridays at high school games, Saturdays devoted to either Penn State or Norte Dame, and of course Sundays with the "Steel Curtain" Pittsburgh Steelers.

That's why I was so surprised to see the title of Jim Sherman, Sr.'s recent column "Women football announcers are a sure sign of the apocalypse" in the Nov. 13 issue.

Mr. Sherman does it make your blood boil that Condoleezza Rice will be one of the thirteen inaugural members picking the upcoming college playoff teams?

What might qualify her for this you might ask?

Of course not being former Secretary of State, provost at Stanford University, a professor at Stanford Business School, and not to mention one of the only two non-male members of Augusta National. I mean after all she's a woman what could she possibly know about football?

One might argue that as a resident of the "Crimson" state and having a father as a football coach – she might just know a thing or two about football. Did you notice how many of her other achievements on her resume, many men never achieve?

I also imagine that you don't have daughters.

Since you argue "football is a man's game" you might assign similar "places" for each gender in other ways as well.

For instance would you be able to look a daughter in the eye and honestly say, "I'm sorry honey, that's a man's place," if as a young child she told you she wanted to be a firefighter, in the armed forces, a police woman or yes even a sports telecaster.

Given your column I can only assume you would.

Before your next "rant," as you characterize it, consider how your narrow-minded, misogynistic views reflect you, the publication you represent and the town of Oxford.

As I say, I don't know Oxford, but I do know football, and regardless of gender, I will admit that there are some terrible announcers out there, also some terribly-opinionated small town newspaper columnists.

Erin Morehouse


Editor's Note: Mr. Sherman, Sr. has two grown daughters who are part owners of Sherman Publications, Inc. and oversee its day-to-day operations.

Gerbe, Kochis families appreciate fund-raiser

On behalf of the Gerbe and Kochis families, we would like to thank everyone involved in our November 13 fund-raiser for Billy Kochis's four kids and wife Shannon.

This has been a tragedy in our families and we couldn't be more thankful for a more loving and caring community to pull together to help us.

It is reassuring to know "Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat" stays true to the community.

Oxford High School, thank you for all you have done to get this fundraiser and silent auction coordinated.

Buffalo Wild Wings, thank you for your donations and hosting this event. It was an amazing night and a great turnout.

We truly enjoyed the caring conversations with all of you and support during these trying times. We are forever thankful for all of you in our lives.

Gerbe and Kochis families

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