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Letters to Editor

December 18, 2013 - Smith family grateful for column about Merle

I am the daughter of the recently passed Oxford Village resident Merle Smith.

I live in Mississippi and was told to look the Dec. 4 column up that C.J. Carnacchio so graciously wrote in honor of my dad.

Merle was a great humanitarian and beautiful person.

C.J. spoke honestly when he stated that even though Merle didn't see eye to eye on things he still appreciated your opinion.

Even in his eulogy an email was read that stated to be kind to each other and try like the Republicans. He was funny and a staunch Democrat.

Thank you, C.J. from the bottom of my heart for recognizing and writing such a lovely memorial to my father.

Jan Davis and the Smith family

Balancing business, cancer

I would like to remind everyone in Oxford about out wonderful business ladies in the community who are going through cancer treatment.

Trying to make a living, conducting business while going through treatment is very taxing.

Cancer is a very frightening disease , and the treatment is draining both physically and financially.

As we all know that our so called affordable health care has caused an increase in monthly medical insurance as well as increases in copays and annual deductibles.

I am the Sister of previous owner of Oxford Barber Shop. Sharon died of Lung cancer last February 5, 2013.

I have witnessed personally the struggle that one goes through fighting the disease and financial burden. Sharon eventually became too ill to work.

Many of her customers , friends and local barber shops (Paul's Barber Shop, Leonard Olde Time Barber Shop and Backstreet Barber Shop) gave money or collected money to try to ease her burden. I am forever grateful to all of you.

Let us show compassion and take care of our own for this Holiday season and throughout the New Year.

I know of one lady in particular named Laura Lee of Laura Lee's Salon in town. P.O. Box 114 Oxford Michigan 48371.Pease do not take offense if your name is not included in this letter. The people in town know who you are.

I plead for all others to help everyone of our Oxford business ladies in this time of need.

Catherine Trainor

Parent thankful for 'Shop with a Hero' program

When they say, "it takes a village to raise a child," they actually mean a small community. On Dec. 12, my children were blessed in being the recipients of the Shop with a Hero program.

This miracle could not have happened at a better time. I am a single, working mom of twin girls who struggles like most from pay check to pay check making ends meet, robbing Peter to pay Paul on a very tight budget. Christmas was on the "we will see what we can do" side of things this year.

When the phone call came to me a few weeks ago from a fireman named Kelly from Addison twp to let me know that my children's names had been given to them to help with gifts for Christmas I was moved to tears.

At the time he called I was sitting at work (yes I work) literally looking at their Christmas list asking myself, "How?"

My daughters are smart, funny, beautiful and have never caused me an ounce of problems. Most of all have never asked, "Why?" when Mommy says, "We just can?t get this, this time."

I cannot say enough good about the Shop with a Hero program, Addison Township Fire Department, especially firefighter Kelly and firefighter Tracey and the Oxford Meijer store. Without them I am sure none of this would be possible. I am only guessing someone from Leonard Elementary or that community gave our names for this program and am truly grateful to that angel and blessed that my children have had this opportunity!

The evening with our heroes was unbelievable and went beyond our hopes and prayers. God bless them all!

Leslie Eckler-Neisler

EMS crew was 'amazing'

My name is Diane Harbin. On Friday, Nov. 8, we called 911 (because) my daughter was not breathing. The EMS men and woman who responded were amazing.

They were there in less than 5 minutes (and) made every attempt to save my Samantha. They treated her with kindness and respect. They were so caring. There was nothing they could do to save her, yet I felt they were heroes.

I'm so grateful they were able to respond so fast. These men and women are underpaid and under appreciated in my opinion. They risk their lives on every call, never fully knowing what they will walk in on. These heroes are amazing. Thank you seems so small. God bless them.

Diane Harbin

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