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Letter to the Editor

Thank for providing Christmas to kids

January 01, 2014 - Dear Editor,

The Clarkston Area Youth Assistance would like to give the staff and members of the Clarkston Brandon Community Credit Union a huge thank you as they continue their tradition of providing Christmas for CAYA children.

One of the most rewarding presents this year was a TV that a little boy received. The family TV had been stolen in June and they couldn't afford to replace it.

Tears were also brought to a mom's eye as she picked up her three children gifts knowing this would probably be the last one in their home.

She had just received word that day her house was being repossessed by the bank. She was so thankful for the turkey, food and gifts.

Thank you Clarkston Brandon Credit Union members for caring about CAYA children.

Joyce Bleim

CAYA Homework Club Co-leader

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