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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin

18 years

January 15, 2014 - I wonder often on human nature. I wonder why people do the things they do, why they are the way they are and what made them good at certain things.

I think of human nature and psychological related issues often. As a reporter, over the years, I have seen the kids that are always in the community volunteering or doing something for a good cause.

More often than not these kids have been involved in sports and parents taught them or encouraged them to volunteer in community events. These kids are the ones you often see in the newspaper, doing good deeds or signing their letters of intent for some major college.

These kids will grow up and save the world, help others and be successful and motivated.

For parents, this takes a considerable amount of dedication and work. For some like single parents with no help, that kid of dedication is easier said than done when you have to work long hours and put dinner on the table.

But isn't it worth it? It is 18 years of dedication for another 60 years of helping produce a successful life.

It is the biggest and most important job you will ever do.

I think of how some kids are spending their times…playing video games, texting, or sitting in front of the television screen and I wonder what kind of motivation these kids will grow up and have.

When you are a single parent tired from the stress of a long day, sometimes you feel unable to spend one ounce of time doing anything.

If you truly think about the importance of molding a life, it is always worth every ounce of energy even if you don't have it. Eighteen years to raise a child may seem like a long time, but really it goes by in just a blink of an eye. For sure the 18 years is much easier than spending the next 60 years wishing you would have done a better job.

My hope and wish is you always find that little bit of energy to give the most important person in your life.

Hopefully, at night when you have nothing more to give you keep in mind that these 18 years are really worth 60.

Each day everything you give will make a soul the person they become, how they treat the world, how motivated they are and how they care for themselves.

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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