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Handwriting instruction still needed, reader says

January 15, 2014 - Dear Editor,

In regards to "Writing tells the story, expert says," Jan. 8, how true, "Handwriting is brain writing."

How sad, "They will figure it out in about 20 years after research shows what types of deficits people have developed without using handwriting."

And then, I often wonder about graphology. It seems to rely principally on the current handwriting methods taught in most schools, and perhaps on lack of instruction as to how to write.

I have successfully taught handwriting with the italic mode for many years. Included in that, instruction is slant, which depends on posture and paper placement; pressure, which relates to a good, relaxed pen hold, and crossbars on the "t" for legibility, italic instruction usually controls the crossbar by connecting to many letters, rather than joining from the baseline to a following letter and then going back to cross "t."

Margins are another issue. Both left and right margins should be adequate and not excessive. Needed: Help for teachers who are seldom prepared to teach handwriting.

Nan Jay Barchowsky

Baltimore, Maryland,

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