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Letters to the Editor

February 05, 2014 - A call to reconsider emphasis on parking rules

Dear Editor,

In regards to "Parking confusion downtown," Jan. 29 edition, it's clear that parking downtown should be an important issue for local business owners and the community, but in this election year many hope that we can focus greater attention on perhaps more substantive issues affecting our local and national communities.

We are confronted with the effects of a state governor and legislature dominated by elitists who operate with stealth and lack of transparency and accountability, and with what appears to be a patronizing or even despising view of the larger population they are supposed to represent.

They've taxed pensioners, reduced educational funding and progression, and now in an election year pander to voters they obviously despise and insult by proposing an income "tax cut" for the middle class which in reality more greatly rewards high income earners--who continue to grow richer as the middle class stagnates or regresses--and which in any event represents little more than the value of a few McDonald's value meals for working people.

Paintings in museums, while important culturally, are more highly regarded than the lifelong contributions of working families. Some powerful political leaders obviously believe that our educational experiences and common sense have so deteriorated as to render us stupid.

The income gap between the few rich and the large middle class has become a a Grand Canyon, and we are learning that the Affordable Care Act really is not so affordable. The number of people looking for decent paying jobs is greater than the mostly low paying jobs our leadership claims to have created.

Perhaps it is time to look beyond parking and potholes and get politically active this year to ensure that the much needed changes in high level political leadership and direction take place.

It's time for some career politicians to move on. Encourage your family and friends to register to vote, critically examine the issues, and vote this year. Perhaps our parking and pothole issues can be resolved without more tickets or signs.

Michael Fetzer

Independence Township

Smoking ban unfair to businesses, readers say

Dear Editor,

Why has no one repealed, struck down the way the smoking ban is written for bars and restaurants in Michigan?

This law especially hurts the small, mom and pop businesses that do not sell 50 percent or more food and make their living from local people. They should still have the right to determine what they want to allow in their privately owned business.

As it stands it is unconstitutional and illegal. How can the rights of a private establishment be unlawfully taken away without people like you not protecting them?

Things like this are destroying our State and our Country, little by little, one by one at the whim of a few! Is there no one left who cares to protect the peoples rights from unlawful laws?

It is a discriminating, depraved and unjust law that makes a person stand outside in the cold or a storm to smoke!

Charlene and Larry Liggett

Independence Township

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