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My daddy died at 93: 94 if he'd sanitized

'I don't believe I need to buy Purell to sanitize my hands . . .'

February 19, 2014 - A big percent of Americans can be talked, or sold into anything.

Like hand sanitizers, but only if they are used correctly, according to an article I read a few Sunday's ago. Of course, the only reason I read it was to confirm my belief that I should have died years ago from shaking hands and using doorknobs.

Those are the only two instances emphasized in the story. "But only if you follow tips suggested by your doctor."

The picture accompanying the story is a of a salesman for Purell. I guess the writer didn't have time to go to a grocery store where bottles of the stuff are next to the carts

I don't believe I need to buy Purell to sanitize my hands. Purell has the necessary 60-percent alcohol to sanitize. All the whiskies in my house have at least that much alcohol, so why buy Purell? I even spill enough on the floor to sanitize m' dog Shanyna's paws.

I like this suggestion, though, "Build up a stash. Keep small bottles of it in your bag as well as at work." In my case that golf bag and desk drawer.

Then I read, "Don't think sanitizer is a replacement for soap, especially if you've come into contact with someone who has diarrhea. In that case, you have to use soap and water."

I've already put these sanitizer pushers in the same category as everything Al Gore promotes.

* * *

For many years my arising routine started with turning the preset radio on to WOMC-FM, Dick Purtan. A few minutes of news, weather and sports is all I need in the morning when it's followed by humor. His skits, comments and interviews were great day-starters.

I said "were" because not too long ago he signed off after 45 years in radio-land. His name will continue to be heard through some of his six daughters on radio and television, his charity work, especially the Salvation Army, and he plans to stay in touch with this audience.

Thanks, Dick, for the hours we were able to spend together.

* * *

If I was 50 years younger I'd have volunteered to join the volunteers who spread out across Michigan to count frogs. Not too long ago was the 15th annual frog count that used 200 survey routes.

In our early married days, Hazel and I joined George and Ardie Talbot some evenings to "count" frogs. We covered lowlands around Bancroft and Morrice hoping to find enough for dinner.

Usually we did. Then the fun of skinning the legs and salting them to watch the legs twitch before tossing them into the frying pan.

We did count them, of course. And, of course, this was before the Al Gores and other do-gooders decided they could make a fortune by lying to us. I probably won't get to 93 like my daddy.

* * *

You'll neve see me in a light blue necktie. I don't want to even give a hint of being a politician.

Law firms are advertising, "We'll deal with the insurance companies for you." Hey, guys, insurance companies have lawyers, too.

Don't you love the way American junk dealers handled the "clunkers" program. People got their clunker money, junk dealers got the clunkers, took the salable parts off and put other clunkers back on the road. Look to D.C. for more great ideas.

Jim Sherman, Sr. is president of Sherman Publications, Inc. He has penned "Jim's Jottings" since 1955.
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