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Letters to the Editor

April 02, 2014 - Support for ramp

Dear Editor,

As I read the story in The Clarkston News about an exit ramp at Clintonville, which is long overdue, I get the sense the "not in my backyard" syndrome is rearing its head again. I'm sure the people who lived up Clintonville before Oakhurst was built, or those along Maybee before the failed subdivision/golf course came along were saying the same thing about those developments. Doesn't seem anyone was able to stand in the way of the developers then, why is it there's an issue now?

Complaining about an on-ramp at Clintonville to southbound I-75? Why, there should be a full-fledged exit at Mile Marker 87, Clintonville Road, just like there is at mile 89, 91, and 93 – every two miles, just like the road commission would draw it up. Looking at the map, we could have the northbound on/off ramps just west of Mt. Zion church exiting on Maybee, and the southbound on/off ramps exiting on Clintonville.

Would the exits get used? Yes. Would there be more traffic on Clintonville that might lead to its expansion to four lanes around I-75? Most likely. Could those that live anywhere near Clintonville and Waldon/Maybee roads get onto I-75 quicker? Of course. Would there be less traffic/congestion at all times of day/night at Sashabaw Road, even when there's not a concert at DTE (Pine Knob to the oldtimers)? Guaranteed.

So what's wrong with this plan, and who's complaining? Let's get on with getting this exit built. It's called development, and if we didn't have any, most of this township would still be apple orchards and fields.

John Orminski

Independence Township

Studies aren't free

Dear Editor,

The article "Ramp riles residents," March 26, says "The township supervisor said the study is free."

Later in the article, "The township's engineering firm Hubble, Roth and Clark, as well as the South Eastern Michigan Council of Governments, will conduct a feasibility study..."

The engineering firm will be paid with tax payers' money! They are not doing it for "free." Mr. Kittle would have known better before he was elected supervisor. How quickly citizens become politicians.

Rick Gutowski

Independence Township

Thanks to community

Dear Editor,

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Clarkston community for all the support we've received this past winter for our upcoming service trip to Kenya.

We have reached our fund-raising goal and would like to thank the countless family members, friends, neighbors, and community members for their friendship and generosity.

Special thanks to the Clarkston Chapter of Woman's Life for sponsoring a pancake breakfast fund raiser that was loads of fun and a huge success. Our service trip is only three short months away and we are very excited about this opportunity.

We're looking forward to sharing our experience with you when we return from Kenya. Again - many thanks!

Malcolm and Veronica Hill

Springfield Township

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