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Letters to the Editor

April 09, 2014 - A call to share in traffic solution

Dear Editor,

I agree with the people who are opposed to putting a ramp onto I-75 SB at Clintonville Road.

However, if they lived in the area of Sashabaw and Waldon they would have a different opinion.

We have all the congestion now that IRACE say they are going to have and, by the way, they are also contributing to our problem. There is a real traffic concern on Sashabaw and I feel it's time for a change.

Just an entrance onto I-75 is not enough, the reality is there should be an entrance and exit at Clintonville which would relieve the congestion on Sashabaw.

It is only going to get worse in the next few years. So I say to the IRACE, suck it up and share in the solution with those of us that live in the Sashabaw and Waldon area.

Ray Waechter

Independence Township

Suggestions for Sashabaw traffic relief

Dear Editor,

As I read the letter to the editor- "Support for ramp"- about the proposed I-75 entrance ramp at Clintonville Rd., I immediately got the sense this person doesn't live in the area that would be affected by the ramp, and sure enough this is true. But I did find it's possible to redirect traffic through this man's neighborhood to relieve pressure from Sashabaw Road.

So in the spirit of "development," I propose the township save money on the Clintonville Road entrance ramp idea by redirecting Sashabaw congestion through this mans neighborhood.

If this man believes residents on Clintonville Road are to blame for the development in their neighborhood and on Sashabaw Road, then in the same respect he is responsible for the developments that caused the congestion on Sashabaw Road. He knew they were coming and he didn't do anything to stop it, so he shouldn't complain if the congestion on Sashabaw starts cutting through his neighborhood.

I bet the moment the township proposed an idea that affected him, his family, and the quality of their life he would be the first one screaming "not in my backyard."

After all, if he truly believes it's okay to force business traffic from his neighborhood into our neighborhood, then it should be okay for motorists to cut through his neighborhood when Sashabaw Rd. is congested.

The on-ramp at Clintonville to southbound I-75 hasn't been approved, but in near record time we're already hearing that "there should be a full-fledged exit at Mile Marker 87, Clintonville Road." This is an idea that has been proposed, a feasibility study already done, and the idea was shot down by all parties involved. Why? Because Clintonville Rd. is a residential area, there are no businesses in this area. If it was a bad idea 10 years ago, it's a bad idea today!

So what's wrong with this plan, and who's complaining? My family is complaining because we live in a residential neighborhood and don't want business traffic routed through our already too busy neighborhood. Building an entrance and/or exit ramp into a neighborhood because the township planned poorly isn't "development," it's poor planning.

So in the spirit of fairness, let's get on with cutting through this man's neighborhood to avoid traffic on Sashabaw Road. After all, it's because of the "development" he didn't protest against that caused this congestion, why shift it into someone else's "apple orchards and fields" when there's already a "relief valve" between Maybee and Waldon roads?

Michael Powell

Independence Township

Support for ramp opposition group

Dear Editor,

I feel the proposed ramp at Sashabaw Road and I-75 is an exercise in futility. The need is marginal at best, it wastes public funds and will only aggravate the neighborhood.

Will we need an entrance every two miles to satisfy some of the rabid developers in our community. Some of us are happy to enjoy our laid back environment.

Even Troy has only three exits. Why do we need more?

I strongly support the local opposition group, IRACE.

Jim Reed

Independence Township

Support for library

Dear Editor,

For over 20 years I have been involved behind the scenes working to help our library become a District Library, not under the direction of Independence Township Board. I grew up in Ohio with a wonderful District Library governed by an appointed board of people whose primary concern was for the library.

Two years ago we separated from Independence Township and I was appointed to Independence District Library Board where we set up policies and procedures for our library. However, with only .69l mills, we had to lay off one full-time staff member, cut back programs and reduce hours the library is open, as well as cutting budget for books, movies and music by 43 percent.

This is the 60 year anniversary of the start of library by the Womans' Club. Our millage rate has never risen above .691mills. Could you live off a salary you made in 60s? I couldn't!

Julie Meredith, our exemplary director, has made cuts for years trying not to impact the public with help from Friends of Library, Womens' Club, Lions Club, etc., but it is no longer possible as this .691 millage expires on Aug. 5.

Please vote "yes" on Aug. 5 for the Independence District Library.

Jeanne Molzon

Independence Township

Vote for library future

Dear Editor,

Restoring funding or eliminating the library: that is the decision we face as voters in Clarkston and Independence Township on Aug. 5, 2014!

In 1999 our community library received its money from the Township general fund, State funds, gifts and grants, and a "supplemental" library millage passed by us in 1965. Since 1999 the "effective" library funding has dropped by 41percent, due to decreases in funding from other sources and the effect of inflation. Now, the library operates solely on the funding provided by that supplemental millage. Significant decreases in operation, programs, equipment, and services have resulted. This millage of .75 mills (adjusted to .691 by state law) has not changed in over 35 years.

If we want our library to survive, be restored to appropriate operation, and be properly equipped and staffed, then we need to approve the Aug. 4 millage proposal. It is a request for 1.25 mills. Yes, this is greater than what we approved in 1965, but other funding has disappeared over the years and the value of a dollar has gone down. Yes, this is an "increase" as defined by law, but it is the minimum of what is needed to restore our library. Yes, the proposal includes funds for the Sashabaw Road corridor, but this is required by law and is less than "one-half of one percent" of the money collected; 99.7 percent of the millage proposal will go to fund the library, if passed. If not passed, the library will be totally unfunded.

Mark the date of Aug. 5 on your calendar, as if you were ear marking a page in a book (printed or digital), and plan to vote in favor of retaining and restoring an essential service. Our community's future depends on it!

Tom Stone


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