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April 30, 2014 - Organizers of special needs prom thank donors, supporters

We would like to take the time to thank everyone and their businesses that provided us with help for the Special Needs Prom that took place on April 26 at Merge Studio and Gallery in Oxford.

We would like to start off by thanking Merge Studios for donating the space for the prom; without them we would never have gotten this to happen and are incredibly grateful for their sincere and generous donations.

Special thanks go out to Uncle Boomba's for supplying fifteen pizzas which the students and everyone else thoroughly enjoyed as well as Jacobsen's Flowers for donating carnations for the students and decorations.

Sweet Island Frozen Yogurt was amazingly generous for coming out from Rochester and supplying over fifty people with dessert free of charge; which typically would have been anywhere from 400-500 dollars.

We must mention LuLu's Fish Market, 'Wiches and Funky Monkey for their donations to the Zombie Walk prizes which took place in October as well as our high school counselor, Mr. Lavalley, for presenting the idea of the fundraiser. Gen-X Transportation was kind enough to transport the students on a shuttle bus to and from the prom, which made the night even more special for them.

Both of us and the students wish to extend one big thank you to Kristen Hulbert for taking the time out of her day to do the students hair and makeup, as well as making sure that each had their own special time focused solely on them.

Without the administration at our high school we would never have been able to plan this without the reassurance and guidance provided by them, so we would like to thank Mr. Dunckley and Mrs. Beazley for all the time and consideration they gave us.

Without Jeanne DiCicco this prom would never have been the success that it was, we are eternally grateful for her kindness, her open-door mentality and overall being the right person at the right time.

We would like to end this letter expressing our appreciation to the Oxford Leader for the publicity it has given the prom and its donors; specifically C.J. Carnacchio. Thank you to everyone who donated both time and resources which allowed us to make this dream a reality for the students.

Megan Kerin and Hope McColl

Oxford High School seniors

Gender shouldn't be a factor in deciding Oxford Cup winners

Over a span of three months, I contacted the school board three different times by U.S. mail and email.

I was not afforded the courtesy of a response so attended last night's board meeting.

My concern was with the changes to the awarding of the Oxford Cup at graduation each year.

After over eighty years, the award was changed from top student to top male and top female student in the class.

I was informed that the cup was changed to have both a male and female winner because of community and high school staff suggestions. I do not feel gender is an appropriate criterion.

If the staff and the board feel more students should be honored, the cup should still go to the most qualified.

Whatever number of honorees is deemed appropriate, gender should not be a factor.

The top student or students should be honored.

It is possible that the very top voted students could be all of one gender.

When the winners of the Oxford Cup are categorized by male and female, a student with less qualifications could be honored because they were tops in their gender even though members of the opposite sex had higher qualifications.

I was informed that because the graduating class is larger than in the 1930s, the change was made to honor more students.

Following this logic, teacher of the year, support staff member of the year, etc. should also be changed to best boy teacher and best girl teacher, etc. since staff numbers have increased along with student numbers.

Obviously, I would like gender removed as a factor in this award.

Dr. Skilling and all board members' email addresses are on the district website, Dr. Skilling can be contacted by phone at 248-969-5000 and by U. S. mail at 10 N. Washington, Oxford, MI 48371.

Please let the school board know if you agree with the removal and perhaps the change can be rescinded.

Marj Mihalyfi


Wife thanks OXFD for helping husband

On Tuesday, March 25, my husband struggled with severe pain, dehydration and I believe hypothermia. As I saw his skin colore change, body temperature drop and uncontrollable shaking I knew it was time to dial 9-1-1.

From the time my call was answered, to the quick response time, to the quality of care and the safety of transport on icy roads to the hospital, it was amazing.

The Oxford Fire Department's precision and skill is true blessing to us.

We are very grateful for all you do.

Thank you so much.

With much gratitude,

Larry and Yvonne Dudley


Parents grateful for the free bike helmet

As the parents of a second-grade student at Daniel Axford Elementary School, we would like to thank McLaren, United Health Care and the Oxford Fire Department for their generous gift of the bike helmet our daughter received and your time to present them.

It was so nice to have the bike safety assembly with all the important information, but then each student was fitted personally with their own helmet.

It was like Christmas in April for her.

She was so proud of her new helmet and told us all about what she had learned.

One tip, if you have a bike helmet make sure your name and an emergency phone number is written inside it in case you are ever hurt while riding your bike.

Thank you again.

Heather and Eric Barnette


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