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Hashtag whatnow?

May 07, 2014 - #whatisthisworldcomingto?

I ask in this way in an effort to be legible to those fluent in modern means of communications. I'm slowly entering the world of Twitter, which is usually a sign this particular internet platform is on its way out. Hashtags, I've learned,  are a way to sort tweets , although many seem to use it just for emphasis or to make a pithy statement. #behindthe times

Like in the example provided above,  I really have no interest in what others may have tweeted in regards to  what this world is coming to. It's just another way to express my thoughts. #alternatives-r-good

There was a lot of thought expression at last week's school board meeting. Board members' live tweets reflected their thoughts almost as they were having them. #streamofconsciousness

We're still looking into whether this violates the state Open Meetings Act. It seems to violate the spirit of the law,  at least, of keeping everything out in the open to everyone involved during open meetings. #lawyerup

To fix this, how about a live twitter feed on meeting room monitors, like they have on live television shows? People at home could tweet in their thoughts live, as discussions occur. Board members could have Twitter,  Facebook, emails, and whatever social media is popular right now up on their laptops during meetings to keep track of this stuff. #sarc

Hashtags may become obsolete soon anyway. Tags, using the "@" symbol, are getting that way. People use this symbol to direct their tweet, post or whatever to others on the internet. #technology marcheson

But on one recent Twitter postings of mine in honor of May the Fourth (be with you) – a picture of a stormtrooper and Boba Fett poses with children at McLaren Clarkston from a recent cancer survivor's day  – I received a thank-you response from a cancer survivor's group.  #yayStarWars

I didn't send the tweet to them – Twitter did that automatically. And when posting photos, Facebook automatically  scans faces, figures out who the people in them are, asks if you want to tag them,  and then asks if you want to let those people know you tagged them. #technologyisgettingwaytoosmart

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