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Readers respond to school board twitterers

May 07, 2014 - Facebook posts on The Clarkston News page regarding Clarkston School Board's twittering trustees received more than 3,700 views, and dozens of readers responded, including these:

Bridget Gibbs – Totally unprofessional to be tweeting during meeting #growup

Rick Detkowski Jr. – Hopefully Clarkston Schools will be able to teach my kids professionalism someday. Not quite there yet, obviously.

Jennifer Futrell – How terribly unfortunate it is, that these individuals are our chosen representation to guide and mold the education of our children. But yet their behavior is at the same maturity level of the children they are elected to represent.

Allison Pavlat – I'm shocked that this happened. What kind of professionals are in an elected office and tweeting such insulting comments during a board meeting? If I did that, I would likely be fired, or at least reprimanded. Unacceptable!

Colleen Armstrong – Sounds very unprofessional to me and immature. Are we sure they have our children's best interest at heart. Doesn't sound like it.

Ray Lebert – I think it is pretty interesting to see the inner-monologue of board members out in the open like this. I've always supported free speech, and these Tweets made for an interesting article as well.

Leisa Christensen – The tweeting is not the issue. Haven't you ever been in a meeting with ignorant people where the conversation is so stupid that you can't even believe it's happening? They were showing disrespect toward the board members who deserve to be disrespected. The issue is why these board members attempt to bully Dr Rock. #rodrocks

Stacey Frankovich – The whole board should be ashamed and embarrassed by all of their behavior. I certainly hope the voters remember this next election. Shame on all of them.

Jon Eastman – Completely unprofessional and childish. These people are elected officials to represent families in the district (more importantly, the students in the district), they should act like it.

Mary Herzenstiel  – CN I think you should also include the behavior at the board table that is not tweeted. The bullying, lack of professionalism and lack of leadership by the 4 officers of the Board. If Clarkston knew more about this, they would be ashamed. Unfortunately, few attend the meetings and the local paper does not report the shenanigans, micro-management, or lack of ability to move this district forward. I am concerned for the future of Clarkston Community schools. Let us read a story with BOTH sides next time.

Heather Roeser – The boards unprofessional behavior has nothing to do with tweeting. Maybe your readers should attend a board meeting and witness the appalling behavior & shenanigans by this board.

Vicki Frame – Makes me mad. Glad I am fortunate enough to be able to send my kids to private school. I used to believe in Clarkston schools. Now I'm not so confident.

Kelli Horst – The real shame is that board member tweets are apparently the only way the public can get information on board proceedings because not every meeting is being taped and broadcast online. I emailed President Rosalie Lupo Lieblang to ask why this has become standard practice of late, but haven't gotten a response. Why the lack of transparency and communication to the public? Surely the partnership between CCS and Independence TV allows for taping the meetings, no matter the room in which they are held.

Jane Hoisington  – This is truly an outrage. Each and everyone of the board members tweeting during a meeting obviously have better things to do with their time. Completely unprofessional and undermines the back stabbing within the board. I would take this to every metro newscast. Perhaps a little shame and embarrassment will force them out of their positions.

Gerald Bokas Jr. – The only reason for tweeting is that no one is there to see it firsthand. The President didn't let the Superintendent finish sharing his perspective - "No, we've talked about it enough!" - she replied to his request. What can we do about the BoE? Ongoing rudeness and adversity? There is no authority to appeal. Anything goes. Watch Dr. Rock's video about his vision for our schools. See how much he wants to do for our children. If we lose him, we will lose.

Jennifer Lambouris – It is hard to sit in those meetings and listen to the way they speak to each other and towards Dr. Rock. Please attend and see for yourself the appalling behavior on display.

Rosalie Lieblang – To clarify what happened at Monday's Board meeting, I did not make any decision nor direct anyone not to tape Workshop meetings. The practice of not taping Workshop meetings has been a long standing CCS Board practice. A suggestion was made to begin taping Workshop meetings, which I don't have any issue with.

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