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Letters to the Editor

May 07, 2014 - A call for transparency in government

Dear Editor,

I agree with the recent editorial congratulating the Clarkston School Board for the board's strategic planning efforts and results, reflecting increasing transparency in government operations warranting enhanced public confidence in the quality of government ("Kudos to school board for long-term plan," April 23).

In fact, Oakland County residents generally benefit from overall highly efficient and cost effective government services to a degree not experienced by surrounding counties, nor even statewide.

State government by Governor Rick Snyder and House Speaker Jase Bolger, supported by a too political state attorney general, has been marked by too much secrecy and policies detrimental to the middle class, particularly students, workers and retired pensioners, all struggling on fixed and declining incomes as the state's wealthiest continue to be enriched by the current legislature's policies.

This coming November's election presents an opportunity for all Michiganders to facilitate greater openness and fairness in state government by electing new officials who will represent the middle class.

Please register and vote, and do what you can to encourage friends and family to have their voices heard by voting--no matter how discouraged they may be. Good leaders can be found in both political parties.

Not to worry about Snyder or Bolger-- no doubt they will find greater riches in the private sector through friends they have served so well.

    Michael Fetzer

    Independence Township

Reader says local police had a purpose

Dear Editor,

This recent occurrence sounds like a good reason to get the Clarkston Police Department back ("Vandals damage Depot Park," April 30)!

Depot Park deserves some upgrades for the future, as other communities have done so to their parks as of recently. The vandalism is upsetting for all who come to the park and distracts visitors.

I understand getting the Clarkston P.D. back is an extreme long shot, for not only this instance, but the increase in speeding through downtown. It is getting out of control! The speed limit of 30mph only seems like a suggestion these days, and many people ignore it completely.

My wife and I live downtown with our small child. While crossing Main Street you can't help but notice people absolutely flying through town and impatiently waiting for you to cross the street. As soon as your clear by even an inch they gun it through the intersection! The Oakland County Sheriff's can only do so much.

Thank you.

David Yackell


Parking ticket shock for local shopper

Dear Editor,

What? A ticket for shopping in my favorite downtown Clarkston?

I love this town for all the right reasons. It’s unique, friendly, kind, fun, everyone wants to help you.

Why, I just spent two hours in the boutique shop on Tuesday trying things on and buying. Christine is so nice and has the most unique store, then over to Essence for another hour as I bought a Turkey Loves Cherry sandwich to die for.

The Woodshop and corner restaurant other days, when my friend from Fenton comes to her favorite place in the world, Clarkston. Where everyone goes out of their way to help and are so nice, then we hit all the other stores, equally as nice, and she loves to end at Rudy’s where they jump out with kindness.

Now that’s not to mention my friend from Clarkston who never comes to town and lives two miles away.

One day I brought her to town to show her the stores. She had eight sisters from every state coming for sister weekend, what a treat  - downtown Clarkston, the Essence made up eight gift bags, which she bought to pass out to each sister as they came in the store, how neat is that! Then they continued to shop away the day and had lunch at the Woodshop.

Now wouldn’t that have been wonderful after a beautiful day to come back to your car and find a ticket because you shopped too long?

That’s what happened to me on Tuesday, April 15, my friend came from Fenton around 1:30 and at 3:32 I was issued a ticket. I arrived at my car at 4 p.m. with my friend, what a sour note that left her.

Seems to me this will only hurt the stores and uniqueness of this beautiful town I’m so proud of.

PS, what’s our time in Clarkston worth?

Carol, a Clarkston resident

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