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Michigan explorer

May 14, 2014 - I am proud to be a Michiganian.

I am also avoiding the visualization of potholes and the cost I put into tires and wheel bearings because of the potholes. But I am proud to be from Michigan.

The Pure Michigan commercials make me all warm and fuzzy about my state. But sadly, I don't venture around the state as much as I should.

I have explored Traverse City, climbed the Sleepy Bear Dunes, camped underneath the stars at one of the state parks,  walked between the tulips in Holland and  took a ferry out to Mackinac Island to explore.

But there is so much more. So before all the exciting events begin - the spring sport playoffs and the ending of school, I went out to explore my state.

I ventured Ludington where we walked to the shoreline and up to a lighthouse before we began our trip back to the vehicle as it began to rain. (It was only a half mile one direction and the rain wasn't too heavy or cold.)

Then, it was on to a quiet town - it was really quiet as the tourist season hadn't begun and a majority of businesses were still closed. We sat on the lake just taking in nature and the one day of sun. I am happy to report I did find one place with a latte. (I need a spot of caffeine even while I am away. Even if a latte is bad.)

I am proud to say we walked every day.  (I will also admit I took lots of pictures of trees and nature. I like playing with the filters available on instagram. The sun setting behind the trees adds some flair.)

Then, we packed up and headed south where the traffic became heavier before we landed in Frankenmuth. The town was slow - rained from the afternoon scared everyone away.  

Exploring Michigan doesn't it make you all warm and fuzzy? (Remember,  disregard those canyons in the roads called potholes. By the way, no potholes up north.)

Now it is go-time. Warrior Dash is approaching fast. I have pushed up the amount of workouts but now is the time to push up intensity.

The focus is to complete every obstacle during the 5K event. Sure, I would like to beat a few people but really it is just for motivation focus. (It would be nice but right now just motivation to get outside and get to the gym.)

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